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Awesome Monday

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Have you signed up for Reebonz?

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HSBC – Home loan needs

Lunch at Deals

Dine at Deals for lunch

Winners of Panini Euro 2012

I did the draw for both Guess and Win & Stick and Win competition at Adison Marketing office this afternoon

Finally we have the winners of the Panini Euro 2012 Sticker Album competition and the draw took place at Adison Marketing Office where the draw was witnessed by the organiser and Adison Marketing management team. There were more than 700 entries for the lucky draw entries where the participants had to guess the winner of the Euro 2012. Around 55% of the entries got the answer which is Spain and 30 winners were drawn where they won themselves at $10 x 10 voucher booklet from Cosmobeauty.

The other category is where one can win either a Nikon D90 SLR camera or an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Note. Those who complete at least 80% of the Panini Euro 2012 sticker album were eligible for the lucky draw and the draw was conducted right after the 30 winners of the other category was done.

On behalf of the organiser, they would like to extend their deepest appreciation and thanks for the support and the responses have been overwhelming indeed considering it’s only European competition as compared to the World Cup. I’m pretty sure the next World Cup will draw more interest.

It has been a fun month indeed as new friendships were created through the sticker swap session. Places such as Food Zone will be missed where most of the gatherings took place.

Congratulations to the winners of you can collect your prizes at –

Adison Marketing Services
1st Floor, Unit 1, Block E, Tanjong Bunut Place, Jln Tutong, Kilanas
(Hua Ho Bunut Area, One block behind BIBD bank, on top of Singapore Chicken Rice)

Collection time: 8.00am to 12.00pm / 1.00pm to 5.00pm
Collection period: 3rd July to 7th July 2012

Winners of Euro 2012 – Stick and Win

1) Ak Adi bin Pg Rumbli IC 00-281894 Nikon D90 SLR
2) Juneidah Bte Busrah 00-292071 iPad
3) Isemurdy bin Murni 00-310151 Samsung Galaxy Note

Winners of Euro 2012 – Guess and Win


Yong Siaw Wen



Moha Aminuddin Bin Mohd Ali Majid



Hjh Dyg Nor Isah Hj Awg Mohammad



Hjh Noorlydiawati Binti Hj Mohd Zaman



Mohd Samrie Nazirul Bin Mohd Samrin



Siti Marlina Binti Hj Md Ali



Mohamad Samrin Bin Emran



Musuwardi Bin Wahid



Hazimah Hj Mos



Mohammad Erwan Bin Hanafiah



Mohammad Khalid Annuar Ibrahim



Lim Shen Quan



Juneidah Binti Busrah



Pg Hj Saiful Rizal Pg Hj Tajudin



Zarifah Binti Haji Musa



Anassabrin Bin Zainuddin



Hanaffi Bin Hj Hujan / Siajuan



Julyehi Bin Hj Abas



Sofryni Hj Serbini / Bini



Hasnan Bin Haji Jalil



Hj Muhammad Adzuan Bin Hj Antin



Mohamad Hasronee Bin Samsudin



Awg Sabli Bin Hj Ludin



Dk Nurdiana Bte Pg Hj Sapiudin



Muhammad Rusydi Bin Hj Hamdani



Mohd Khairul Rahmani Bin Abdul Aziz



Alinor Bin Hj Sabtu @ Hj Kamat



Shahminah Bin Haji Matali



Mohd Suaidizahiruddin Bin Mohd Zaidi



Mohd Suhardi Bin Haji Mohamad


The super long queue for submission of entries of the lucky draw at Times Square last Saturday

The grand prizes for the Stick and Win category

Drawing the final 3 winners of Stick and Win

30 of the winners will also get a booklet of this voucher from Cosmobeauty. Awesome!!

The Weekend Recap

The weekend is over and I was pretty exhausted to the max but it was still quite fulfilling. There were many events that took place but I wasn’t able to attend most of the events. I even missed my cousin’s wedding last weekend and I only saw the updates through instagram (Ah, the power of social network). So I would like to take this opportunity to wish the newly weds – YAM Pg Anak Hj Abdul Nafee’ and YM Pg Hjh Yura Halimatussa’adah (Sa’adah) – and may Allah bless you guys on your new journey together.

YAM Pg Anak Hj Abdul Nafee’ and YM Pg Hjh Yura Halimatussa’adah (Sa’adah) during their Bersanding ceremony yesterday. Image courtesy of Tinah Jie Hmd.

My family has been away for a month due to summer holidays in the UK. They will be back later this week. It has been a while since I traveled to London. Maybe I should plan ahead for next year’s summer trip. As you know, I’ve been traveling quite often and it is taking up a lot of my time in terms of workload and also my resting period.

For your info, LoveFoodHateWaste has been under going construction and the website should be live in two weeks’ time. So do stay tune to updates on our online food directory and it will be more presentable than before 🙂

Yesterday we had our garage sale at Tanah Jambu but 70% of the crowd came in the morning and I managed to clear 50% of my stock by the end of the day. A big thank you to those who came and bought our stuff and the lucky ones managed to buy the new items too. The notebook and the camera lens were snapped up in the first hour or so and we all had fun bargaining with strangers and sometimes it’s not easy to agree with bargained prices but it’s a good learning lesson for us. Apparently there are three more garage sales that I know of that was happening in Brunei-Muara district. We shall be hosting another one but not anytime soon and a big thank you to my buddies Sophia, Winnie, Goh, Amalina, Wai-Ming and Sally for helping out yesterday.

Garage Sale at Tanah Jambu with my buddies yesterday

Winnie bought herself a bean bag and a bag from the garage sale

Another event that happened last weekend is BIBD Home Showcase which was launched last weekend at The Mall. The campaign/roadshow was launched by Hj Suhaimi Hj Gafar, Permanent Secretary (Technical and Professional) at the Ministry of Development. I will be talking more of this event soon but for now, BIBD is offering various solutions for potential home buyers. The event is ongoing until Sunday 8th July 10am to 10pm so make your way to The Mall to find out more. Do check out my updates soon for more details.

The guest of honour Hj Suhaimi Hj Gafar, Permanent Secretary (Technical and Professional) at the Ministry of Development, at the launch of BIBD Home Showcase

Visit BIBD Home Showcase at The Mall

It was a big commotion when instagram was down last Saturday. There was a power outage that affected Netflix, Pinterest and Instagram. The servers hosting the said platforms were compromised by severe storms at the East Coast of the United States. Instagram is perhaps the biggest of the lot in terms of users in Brunei alone. It’s good that it’s finally back though there is still some lagging issue.

Another thing to look forward to is the KFC’s Flaming Crunch flavour. It’s the latest addition to KFC’s menu and it is made from a blend of Szechuan spices and crunchy cornflakes so yea, you get the idea. If you love spicy stuff, then imagine this with a crunch taste and yes, it’s little spicier than the “Spicy” ones. The KFC Flaming Crunch is available in a Snack Plate combo $7.10 and a Dinner Plate Combo at $9.30 and it comes with an ice lemon tea drink. The promotion will last until the last day before the beginning of Ramadhan.

KFC Flaming Crunch now available at KFC outlet

The UBD FM guys were enjoying their KFC meals

By the way, the other good news is the emergence of paintball in Brunei which has always been an issue among the locals. When, when, when will the local authorities give the green light to allow the public to play paintball in Brunei? Now it’s a different story. FOLLOWING a request by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Royal Brunei Technical Services (RBTS) has been granted the opportunity to organise Brunei’s first paintball training for Program Khidmat Bakti Negara (PKBN). RBTS, in collaboration with paintball enthusiasts Unilink Jaya Enterprise, was tasked to deliver a paintball sports arena of regional standards.

Recently Prosynergy Brunei organised a mini-tourney paintball event opened to members, family and friends. More than 60 players participated in the one-day event which is played next to the hockey field known as “Parade Square” which was formerly used for softball tournaments. I hope to join a paintball activity soon myself and if I have the time that is *lol* Thumbs up to the Ministry for allowing this recreational activity to happen and I’m very sure this will be a popular activity.

The paintball event yesterday organised by Prosynergy Paintball. Image by Najib Salleh.

Another sporting activity that is picking up in pace is Ultimate Frisbee. The tournament known as BARA Ultimate Rainy League and Tournament kicked off at the National Stadium. Around 12 teams participated in the tournament and it was a round robin format with each top seed in different groups. The winner of the tournament was “Have you seen my disc” as they beat “Roadrunners Ultimate Frisbee” 11-6 in the finals yesterday. Have you seen my disc will be competing in a tournament in Singapore this September. Cool stuff!!

The winners of the BARA Ultimate Rainy League and Tournament 2012 – Have you seen my disc

Last Saturday was the day where all the Panini Euro 2012 stick album collectors submitted their books for the lucky draw and also those who completed their album, they will be guaranteed Puma jackets. This was a special promotion ran by the local distributor of Panini stickers in Brunei and it was such a crowd last weekend at Times Square Shopping Mall. A few hundred people showed up, queueing to enter the lucky draw where they can stand a chance to win a Nikon SLR camera and other exciting items. The campaign was a success as the local distributor managed to finish their stock and the gathering swapping sessions have been encouraging as well among the Brunei community. The winners will be announced soon on RA. So do stay tune for the updates.

The long queue at Times Square for the Panini sticker competition

They earned themselves Puma jacket for the completing the Panini sticker album

And so did he :))

Last Saturday I had a minor incident… well, not sure if it’s minor or major but whatever it was, I was in total pain. All of the sudden, I was experiencing chest pain and it restricted my mobility as it was painful whenever I made too much movement. I even had trouble reversing my car while parking *lol* I was thinking whether it was medical or stress related. I was quite relief that the doctor from JPMC told me otherwise. It was some sort of inflammatory thing that sparked off the pain but he wasn’t sure what the cause of it.

In the end, I was given a jab in the butt and I was confined to bed for at least half an hour and the pain slowly became lesser and I was able to walk around properly. Good thing Sophia was around when we were chit-chatting at The Empire Hotel and she made sure that I pay JPMC a visit. The night didn’t turn out that bad after all though we had to cancel dinner plans at the Bunker Bistro. I’m glad that I’m back in good shape and it’s about time I really take good care of my body and health.

This was taken after I was jabbed in the butt at JPMC. It was also the first time I was on a wheelchair. Big thanks to the doctor and nurses at JPMC and also to Phia for the help.

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