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Archive for 17/07/2012


Great milestone

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Have you signed up for Reebonz?

Click image to enter website and sign up

HSBC – Home loan needs

Special deals at Radisson

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Behind the scenes (photo shoot)

Mr. Kurapak of LoveFoodHateWaste looking through the lens during the photo shoot session

It’s happening soon, peeps!!! LoveFoodHateWaste (LFHW) is back (for the fourth time….) and it promises to be bigger. More will be revealed soon on the happenings and what LFHW will offer to the readers. For the first time, we are also having partners and collaboration with SMEs to further strengthen the drive of LFHW to the public.

A big thanks to Jerome of Jen Studio for the photo shoot session and everyone had fun during the activity. Another shout out also to TheFaceShop for providing the make-up for the faces of this year’s LoveFoodHateWaste campaign. I can’t wait for the final product which will be used for LFHW’s website. For now, the website is not updated as we are currently rebuilding the website from scratch. It should be up and running by Friday the latest.

Today will be the press conference for team LFHW and you will read more of what’s in store from LFHW’s team tomorrow on print media as well as on other local blogs. Thank you once again for your support as well as the partners and sponsors involved. More to come from LFHW.. Stay tuned 😀

The photo shoot session took place at Jen Studio

The perfect 10 million man-hours

The guest of honour, Dato Paduka Awg Hj Matsatejo bin Sokiaw, CEO of Brunei National Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd with Yves Grosjean, the General Manager of TOTAL E&P Borneo BV and TOTAL E&P Deep Offshore Borneo BV

TOTAL E&P Borneo BV and TOTAL E&P Deep Offshore Borneo BV recently celebrated their landmark achievement in Brunei on June 24 after achieving 10 million man-hours without ‘lost time injury’ since April 12, 1999.

The oil giant celebrated the significant milestone at The Empire Hotel and Country Club yesterday. Yves Grosjean, the General Manager of TOTAL E&P Borneo BV and TOTAL E&P Deep Offshore Borneo BV said the achievement highlighted TOTAL’s success in creating a safety culture, but warned against falling into complacency, “as accidents can always happen”.

“Accidents are always looming around as is repeatedly demonstrated by the near misses we continue to experience. It can hit at the most unexpected time. At this juncture, I wish to share that in the TOTAL Group, there was a fatal accident on July 4 at a supply vessel during our deep offshore drilling operations in Angola. As the drilling mud was offloaded from the supply vessel to the drill ship, the flexible hose accidentally disconnected from the vessel and whipped the injured person,” he said.

The guest of honour at the celebration was Dato Paduka Awg Hj Matsatejo bin Sokiaw, CEO of Brunei National Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd.

Explaining the crucial importance of safety in the oil and gas industry, the guest of honour said a single accident can have a “major impact so pervasive, it could wipe out a project or even the entire company”.

Congratulating TOTAL EPB/EPDOB for the significant milestone, Dato Paduka Awg Hj Matsatejo thanked the oil industry for having their very own safety standard or protocol. He said the challenge is to continue the safety culture for the next generation.

Dato Paduka Awg Hj Matsatejo delivering his welcoming remarks and TOTAL’s success and milestone

A presentation of plaques to all heads of department, long-service employees and the newest member of TOTAL and a video showcase entitled, “World Day for Safety ‘Step Up, Step In” were also held. The main event was the cutting of cake by the guest of honour and Mr Yves Grosjean, General Manager of TOTAL E&P Borneo BV.

In his speech, Yves Grosjean said this campaign began more than 13 years ago on April 13, 1999. This means that 10 million man-hours without ‘lost time injury’ translates into an average of more than 400 people directly contributing full time since that date, to the operations of TOTAL in Brunei.

“This of course includes all our contractors working on the sites under our responsibility. With our current and past operations involving drilling, seismic acquisition, and the handling of heavy equipment especially at our Muara logistics base among others, being able to deliver such a level of safety performance is truly outstanding and something to be very proud of.

“It signifies that we have been somehow successful in creating a true safety culture. A work environment where people are aware of the safety rules and feel encouraged to share their views or raise questions about the HSE aspects of their jobs.”

Yves Grosjean also took the opportunity to convey his sincere gratitude to His Majesty and His Majesty’s Government for their continued support and the TOTAL local and expatriate staff for their continuous effort, professionalism, and teamwork in achieving a successful performance and upholding health, safety and environment.

He said over the past 20 years, TOTAL Brunei has achieved significant accomplishments, which continue to benefit all stakeholders. “As a corporate citizen of Brunei, TOTAL also contributes to the country and its people in other equally important ways.

“Ongoing emphasis on health, safety and environment ensures a continued realisation of occupational health, safety and sustainable development goals that compliment the core business achievements.” Text by Azaraimy HH of Borneo Bulletin and images courtesy of TOTAL.

Reverse ageing thru ZÉLL-V

Now the word here is “possible”… Yes, it’s possible to reverse the ageing process, boost your vitality, look more beautiful and furthermore be rewarded with cash and prizes. Recently a ZÉLL-V Star Search was held and thousands of ZÉLL-V Star Search participants have testified to the amazing benefits of ZÉLL-V cellular therapy.

The Search
For your info the competition takes about six months as participants will be judged based on the changes they experience according to Simon Hooi, head of Health and Wellness Department at Ruyi Holdings. They will look at their red blood cells, beauty and vitality. From Round One, 50 semi-finalists are selected.

Then 10 finalists will be selected based on beauty. Normally After consuming ZÉLL-V, people usually find their skin becoming firmer and tighter and their face lifted. The final round of ZÉLL-V Star Search 2010/2011 was recently held in a ballroom dance studio and the finalists were judged on vitality,vigour, stamina and dance performance. Points given for their fitness level were combined with the points they obtained from round one and two. The participant who obtained the highest point was the winner.

The Reason behind Star Search
The Star Search is basically a platform for all to enjoy the benefits of ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy and of course, it’s not all about winning. It’s more of experiencing the benefits and how they have great improvements. I personally had my ZÉLL-V for the past few months and it does pay off too. It’s important you don’t stop half when taking ZÉLL-V in order to reap the full benefits of celluar therapy.

Bascially you will notice thinks like having few wrinkles than before and looking more radiant. ZÉLL-V is like killing two birds with one stone as it benefits both internally and externally.

To know more about ZÉLL-V, you can all 821 9221 for more information or visit the Brunei outlet on 1st Floor, Rizqun Hotel.

e-Fon on Android and IOS

Have you tried e-Fon from TelBru? It was used to be called WorldFon but now it has been rebranded since last year and it’s growing in popularity. Previously e-Fon was only available for desktop version. Now you can download on IOS and Android platform.

Basically it’s an app where you can make long distance calls through e-Fon but at a cheaper rate. This is ideal for those who wants to make international calls. Currently, TelBru said that the number of downloads are overwhelming (200 downloads per month).

Infindo Technology partnered will TelBru to develop the Android application for e-Fon service. This engagement is in a way to support iCentre incubates and to show their capabilities where TelBru is also one of the sponsors for BEDB’s initiatives in promoting local ICT companies.

The great thing about e-Fon is that you can be any part of the world and enjoy TelBru’s discounted international rates. This is a popular apps especially among Bruneian students who study abroad. The presentation was carried out by Adri Hj Mohd Arshad, e-Fon Product Manager, TelBru.

Also in attendance were representatives from TelBru, b•mobile and BEDB.

Adri Hj Mohd Arshad, e-Fon Product Manager, TelBru, conducted a presentation on e-Fon

The event took place at the iCentre

The screen shot of e-Fon on IOS. Now it’s available for Android too.

Representatives from TelBru, b•mobile, BEDB and Infindo Technology


Bane vs Wayne

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Special deals at Radisson

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Wanna know about Bane?

Bane is one of Batman nemesis and he made his first appearance in the “Vengeance of Bane” comics

I’m pretty hyped up for the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises movie this Friday and one reason is the portrayal of Bane who was famous for “The Man who Broke the Bat” in comic storyline. This will be more of a challenging moment for director Christopher Nolan who set the bar on villains such as The Scarecrow and The Joker. This is also fact that Bane is not so well known among audience unless you follow Batman comics but I certainly am aware of Bane’s existence.

Perhaps let me rewind you back to the Joel Schumacher era where he was responsible for Batman movies such as Batman Forever (Jim Carrey as the Riddler and Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face) and Batman and Robin (Arnold as Dr. Freeze, Robert Swenson as Bane, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy). I really have to say that Batman and Robin was a total disaster and the portrayal of Bane in that movie shows how vulnerable he is despite his massive figure. It was a definitely a forgettable moment for Bane and it didn’t really caught the attention of the audience back then as Dr. Freeze and Poison Ivy were the main villains in that movie.

Now Bane has been the main focus on The Dark Knight Rises especially on trailers. Though he has shrunk in size as compared to the old Bane in Batman and Robin, he looks meaner and dominant. This is why I love Christopher Nolan’s direction of The Dark Knight series. Furthermore, he casted Tom Hardy as Bane which is a perfect role as Batman’s adversary.

Tom Hardy was famously known for his role in Inception, another masterpiece by Nolan and it’s no surprise to see Tom Hardy’s inclusion and filling in the bigger shoe as Bane.

Believe or not, I have high hopes for The Dark Knight Rises and I’ve been controlling not to view scores on Rottentomatoes as it could ruin my expectations *lol* Actually I cheated a bit and there were thiry-four reviews so far and it scored 91% (31 fresh, 3 rotten) *Woohoo* I will be catching The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX in Singapore this Friday. It’s worth the four year wait. On the record, The Dark Knight is still my top 5 movies 😀

This was the lame ass Bane at Batman and Robin. Totally forgettable

Now doesn’t this look meaner and classier – Tom Hardy as Bane in upcoming The Dark Knight Rises

If you are not sure how Tom Hardy looks like, here you go

I’m 3 days away now from watching this epic



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