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Catching it again!!

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Third time lucky?

Last week, this image of an impersonator was published in Borneo Bulletin and The Brunei Times. A day later he surrender himself to the police which actually saved them a lot of trouble (search wise).

Reading from the articles, Sambari Hj Abu Bakar (pic inset, taken from The Brunei Times) is no stranger to this kind of things. In 2010 Sambari was sentenced to two years in prison by the Magistrate’s Court for impersonating a high-ranking police officer. Back in 2004, he served 18 months in jail for posing as a member of the Royal Family. Now he is awaiting his sentence for his current charge for impersonating a police inspector to con and receive money from an establishment.

According to the article in The Brunei Times, the defendant had done a few con jobs here and there and freeloading at guest houses and driving rented cars. I have to say that this guy hasn’t learnt his lessons from his previous convictions.

He will be sentenced next week (Tuesday) and perhaps after his previous cases and imprisonment, he could face a longer jail sentence.

Shop, Dine & Drive

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Tahlil for the victims

Dato Paduka Dr Hj Zulkarnain(C), vice chancellor of UBD present during the recital of Tahlil for UBD alumni, Md Azhar Sulong, who was one of the officer cadets who was killed in the heli crash held at Universiti Brunei Darussalam mosque yesterday. Picture courtesy of Yusri Adanan of The Brunei Times

I’m still shocked over last week’s incident and condolence messages have been non-stop ever since. This is how much we really care for the people of Brunei especially those who are ready to defend the country. Last week, 14 Bruneians lost their lives in the helicopter tragedy at Ulu Belait on 20th July. Only two survived.

Massive tahlil and prayers have been ongoing on different places and I’ve yet to attend my relative and my friends tahlil functions as I was away on my recent Singapore trip and plus I’m quiet tied up with my LFHW coverage too. IsyaAllah by the weekend, it will be smoother and I will be able to pay my respects and prayers to the families involved.

On another note, yesterday’s article in The Brunei Times was a good wake-up call to many social media users. Sometimes we are not aware on the uses of social media even with a good intention. Last Friday, a list of those involved was circulated through social media platform such as Twitter and Facebook and that itself had already caused a lot of commotion because the information given was pretty sensitive and also unverified at the moment of time.

For Nurudin Hj Lamat, whose son Corporal Mohd Mahdenie Nurudin was killed in the accident, the rumours were “hurtful.” A list was passed on social media and Nurudin read the list where his son’s name wasn’t included and he felt relieved. But it wasn’t to be and hours later he found that his son was among the list of fatalities. This caused distress and confusion for Nurudin who wasn’t happy on how the false information was circulated. So peeps, do be mindful on what you post, share or tweet. I did see the list on my Twitter feed but I know it would be unjust to simply retweet or share the information to my followers.

Another incident that I wanted to highlight is the lockdown on my chatbox. It has come to my attention that some readers have been quite insensitive to the helicopter incident and posting unwanted and distasteful comments. Hence, I had no choice but to filter the unnecessary comments and also to respect the family of the victims.

We should be united as a country and give our prayers and move on to a better future.


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Awesome Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises advertisement outside Orchard Cineleisure in Singapore

Awesommmeeee!!!!! What a finale!!! The flight was worth it. I flew to Singapore last Friday and one of the primary reasons was to catch my most anticipated movie of the year – The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR). It was simply superb from the beginning and I love the opening scene of the movie already (If you can’t remember, it was involving a plane :p)

I knew Christopher Nolan (the director) will do wonders with the final installment to the Dark Knight trilogy. It was quite good that there was even a comparison between The Joker and Bane as who was more of a “badass”. In my opinion, both have their uniqueness and it can’t be said that Bane would even come close to be nominated for the Oscars like the late Heath Ledger was (and he won it too).

The pacing of the movie was great and it didn’t feel draggy though the movie was running pretty long. There are some bits that I felt that could have been executed better but then again, that’s my high expectations wanting more from The Dark Knight. Yes it’s true when you have these factors involved – the finale, Christopher Nolan, Batman and Bane. So I was afraid of leaving the cinema feeling short changed as I have raised the bar for TDKR.

Now you must be crazy thinking why would I want to travel all the way to Singapore just to catch TDKR. So here you go.. I actually did and it was in IMAX because I believe that such movie of its calibre deserves to be watch in IMAX.

I was also hoping it to top The Avengers in the opening weekend of the box office. The Avengers broke the opening weekend record of USD 207 million and TDKR managed to rake in USD 160 million, making it the third highest opening in history. Though it won’t match The Avengers in terms of the opening weekend, I believe TDKR have the strong legs to push it to the USD 500 million mark in the next few weeks. It’s a bit sad to know of the Colorado incident at the cinema. I don’t think so such incident would have made a difference in the box office numbers.

Is TDKR a better to watch? If you are ask me, I would reply by saying “This deserves a second viewing”. TDKR is no 10-er but ranks among my top movies of the year – Cabin in the Woods and Raid: The Redemption. Verdict: 9/10.

I booked the tickets weeks ahead of the show and thank you, Shaw Theatres

It was so packed that Friday night and the IMAX shows were sold out that weekend

@cuterabbit84’s first experience in IMAX and she loved the movie too

There’s a special queueing line for IMAX audience

Recap: Hj Shamiah wins Lexus

The winner of the BIBD Blessing Rewards II was Hj Md Shamiah who won the grand prize – Lexus IS300

Rewind back to last Thursday, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam hosted the finale of the BIBD Blessing Rewards 2 and the winner went to Hj Md Shamiah Zuhorin bin Hj Md Salleh who drove home a new Lexus IS300.

BIBD Blessing Rewards 2 was a sequel to the immensely successful Blessing Rewards campaign that BIBD ran between September and November of last year.

Ak Mohammad Ali bin Pg Masshor won a state of the art 60” Samsung LED Smart TV as the second prize. Mohammad Alimman bin Saiman won the third prize comprising of an Apple Macbook Air, iPad 2 and an iPhone 4S. The fourth prize went to Hjh Hindun Bte Dato Paduka Hj Noordin represented by her daughter Siti Haziqah binti Marzuke, winning Apple products – an iPad 2 3G and an iPhone 4S. Mohammad Aizuddin bin Hj Sarbini came in fifth, winning an Apple iPhone 4S.

Present as the guest of honour was BIBD’s Chief Financial Officer Hjh Noraini bte Hj Sulaiman. The most awaited presentation ceremony was held at the Indera Samudra Hall, Empire Hotel and Country Club.

According to BIBD, most of the entries came from BIBD’s customers who signed up for BIBD’s Debit Card and BIBD online. For your info, more than 280,000 entries were generated ever since March. Now that’s a good record indeed.

BIBD products or services that were eligible included BIBD Rumah Plus, BBA Home Financing, Home Improvement Financing, Education Financing, Ar-Rahnu, BIBD Debit Card, BIBD Online, Remittance, Term Deposits, new account opening, new Perdana World Banking customer and assignment of salary to BIBD amongst many others.

The grand prize for BIBD Blessing Rewards 2

The top 5 winners for this year’s Blessing Rewards 2

A new method of find who was the winner

Hj Md Shamiah couldn’t believe that he will be driving a Lexus home

Hjh Noraini, BIBD’s Chief Financial Officer, with the top 5 winners

Before the handover of the Lexus, BIBD associates enjoying the comfort of the Lexus

Special packages for ZÉLL-V

In conjunction with the festive season of Ramadhan, ZÉLL-V (Brunei) would like to urge all to join them in the magical cell therapy to cleanse from inside out for a new self!

Below are the packages ZÉLL-V (Brunei) are offering right now:
Package 1 : 5 Boxes of Zell-V with FREE 3 Zell-V Travel Pack + Sheep Mascot
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Package 3 : 36 Boxes of Zell-V to enjoy 20% discount and Life Time VIP Membership and get VIP Birthday Voucher
Package 4 : 3 Zell-V Phytocell Serum and 2 Zell-V Wonder Cream with FREE ONE Zell-V Wonder Cream OR Zell-V Phytocell Serum
*Sheep Mascots are available while stock lasts!

I haven’t taken my ZÉLL-V for quite some time now *lol* and maybe that’s one reason why I get so tired before evening. I have been taking it four months straight and I’ve seen some improvements on myself (internally and externally). It’s about time to stock up again and buy more bananas to help me go through the swallowing part 😀 Word of advice: Just take one soft gel before Sahur to help improve your mental awareness and maintain your energy level so you can stay active throughout the day! Try it to experience the Zell-V Revitalisation and Rejuvenation process to combat against aging!

ZÉLL-V Brunei is located on the first floor of Rizqun International Hotel. Kindly contact their professional health care consultant at 8219221 (Hotline) or 2457668. They are offering FREE CELL CHECK, so do drop by our store.

They will be offering FREE PROFESSIONAL HEALTH CONSULTATION at The Ramadhan Fair at Times Square Shopping Mall from 26/07-18/08.

It’s about time to stock up again and make sure I remain consistent in my consumption

Sheep Mascots of Zell-V



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