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Archive for 29/07/2012


Maziah feeling the goosebumps

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

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All eyes on Maziah Mahusin

Brunei’s flag bearer Maziah Mahusin with Ak Hafiy Tajuddin and Anderson Lim

It’s not about winning but about being represented for a country. Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia made history as they finally have female athletes competing in the Olympics. Though she may have not met the Olympic qualifying time for the 400 metres, she was given a wild card by the International Olympic Committee “concept of universality” which grants her participation.

She was recently interviewed by TIME magazine on her adventure to London 2012. She claimed that it has been a lonely journey for her because she doesn’t have a sparring partner to work with. Instead she trains with male athletes which is more challenging due to the difference in stamina and endurance.

Anyway, let’s now focus on Maziah Mahusin’s progress in London 2012. Yes, you may have heard that she’s down with a bug and she’s been recovering ever since. This may have been caused by being acclimatize to the different environment (London). She will be competing in the 400m in August 3 and this is a historic moment for Brunei and the Olympics when Maziah burns the track this week.

Maziah tried her best to overcome the viral and continued training

She did some laps recently on the track

I was fortunate enough to get hold of Maziah who’s currently resting in London and thank you for your time to reply emails and the pictures.

RA: I heard that you have been hit by a bug or viral.. What was the cause? and how has it affected your preparation?

Maziah: The doctor said it was because of the weather here (in London). Sometimes it’s too cold or too hot and I’m not used to this kind of weather yet. Hence, I won’t be able to train for a while and resting is the only best recovery. But now I really have to force myself to train, just ignore and tolerate the pain. I have been preparing for this for a long time and I don’t want this to put to waste.

RA: What was the experience like to walk in front of thousands of people and holding the flag and being watched by millions on TV? Was it the best goosebumps ever for you?

Maziah:My heart kept beating faster and faster! My teammates and I were so excited! I felt goosebumps once I entered the stadium and yeah, it was the best goosebumps ever! [Laughs] I was too happy and I was just waving at the camera. I will never forget that moment.

RA: So you had a photo opportunity with Usain Bolt.. Did you guys had a talk? and what was it about?? Who else did you come across?

Maziah: Well, at first, one of my teammates had taken photos with him at the dining hall and he showed it to me so I was so jealous and asked him whether he was still there. So I sprinted down to the dining hall to see him and he was still there! I grabbed my opportunity to take a picture with him. However, we didn’t talk because he was surrounded by a lot of people. I met a lot of world class athlete like Michael phelps (8 gold medalists in swimming in Beijing 2008), Sanya Richard-Ross (400m runner, Bronze in Beijing 2008), Allyson Felix (4x400m runner, Gold in Beijing 2008), Kirani James (400m runner, Gold in 2011 World Championships) and many more.

Maziah with one of her idols, Sanya Richard-Ross, also a 400m runner

RA: You have many fans here in Brunei (including me) haha.. I was wondering if you have a Twitter or Instagram or a Fan page for people to follow. If you don’t, are you gonna create one?

Maziah: [Laughs] I’m sorry I don’t have any of those and I don’t think I want to make one.

RA: Name a few things that have happened recently in London as in your experience..

Maziah:Training on cold weather (until I got sick :/ ) and meeting a lot of world class athletes and of course, I have been interviewed with a lot of western media – ESPN, CNN, BBC and a lot more.

Maziah has been receiving a lot of attention from international media.. Awesome!!!

RA: Many of your fans have been praising a lot about you.. How are you feeling right now?

Maziah: I’m really happy but I just want to say to all my supporters that I’m not gonna aim for any medal. I hope they understand that I’m competing under the “concept of universality” given by the OIC and this is the Olympics! I just want to focus on my run and my performance. Representing Brunei for the olympics is already a gold medal for me and whatever good or bad things that will happen during my event, just please keep on continuous support for me and the Brunei athletes. And thank you very much to everyone who has been supporting me. I feel proud and overwhelmed.

Maziah sitting on a sofa made of tennis balls

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