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Archive for 05/11/2012


Thumbs up to Natura Resort and Spa

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

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Drive safe peeps!!

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The Bali Story: Day 2

I highly recommend the Natura Resort & Spa, Ubud

Today’s the 2nd day in Bali and I’m kinda enjoying it.. I just found out how Ubud is totally different from Kuta and Nusa Dua which are the more popular destinations for tourists in terms of entertainment and shopping. Ubud is kinda remote from the busyness of Bali. I have to say that it took us an hour and a bit to get to our hotel at Ubud from the airport. Whereas places such as Kuta and Nusa Dua are nearer. Then again, I love here in Ubud as it’s full of nature and green and also quite peaceful. So if you guys want time out from the hustle and bustle, Ubud is the best choice of stay.

Now I’ve not talk so much about the hotel we stayed in. Thanks to Agoda, I managed to find an awesome place in Ubud and we’re staying at this resort called Natura Resort and Spa. I would have thought it was nearby the beach because of the resort word. However, the closest we’ve got is a river down the hill *lol* Then again, this area is pretty scenic (the green and the jungle) and I love the villas that we are staying at. The price is around $220 per night with two bedrooms and a mini pool. The master bedroom is huge and lucky lilmopiko has the whole room to herself :p

Oh yeah, internet speed is quite fast too for a remote area though I’m hardly on the internet on my macbook air *lol* As for adapter, they use a round two-pin plug but not to worry as the housekeeping do provide those adapters for your convenience. Service is pretty good too as we arrived 11ish pm on our first night and they assisted us quite well and efficient. I was a bit worried at first because we did our booking through Agoda and all we had was our printed out voucher and furthermore, we had a late check-in. But it was all good as the reception had our booking confirmed as well as the transaction from a few months’ ago.

Definitely a highly recommended place if you want a piece of mind and enjoy the scenic view of the hills and the jungle. Perhaps the downside is the breakfast as it was just average but that to me is such a minor thing. Another challenge was the numerous steps on the way to the Spa hut which can be a turn off for me.. Michelle kinda had second thoughts about her spa appointment because it can be quite tiring to walk up the steps and you will be left panting halfway through the steps (which I did *lol*).

If your want to check out the comments from tripadvisor.com you can click here. Oh yeah, it’s better that you hire a driver since there are no cab services in Ubud. Prices are quite reasonable as well for a whole day and we have an awesome driver too. One awesome hideaway and I’ve been enjoying my sleep in many months 😀 Thank Natura Resort & Spa for giving me an awesome stay experience. Definitely coming back here next time.

The “Do Not Disturb” sign on our villa

This is unique as this is the first time I’ve seen umbrellas provided in hotel rooms

I have the twin beds all to myself and this room is the smaller of the two

This is the master bedroom and one of the spacious room I’ve seen from a villa. Awesome!!!

The sitting area at the master bedroom. Sadly I don’t have this in my room *boohoo*

The bath tub at the master bedroom

A big area for wardrobe and washing up

Lilmopiko and Jasmine enjoying the morning view, down at the balcony of the villa

The breakfast dining area. We weren’t impressed with the food but it was ok still.

The hotel pool area down the hill

The steps get smaller once you keep going down the hill if you want to go to the river. It’s quite a climb too once you are all the way down.

If you want to go for the spa, this can be challenging in terms of stamina *lol*

The Spa huts and it closes pretty early at 5pm because of the lack of light

Michelle trying out the tub at the Spa

You can enjoy the scenic while you are being pampered

Ah.. I was doing this entry post here 😀

Winnie… We miss you.. Too bad you’re not able to make it. Taken before our shopping/sightseeing trip yesterday morning

Oh yeah, did I tell you that the street leading to our hotel from the simpang is narrow which is enough for one car. There are couple of times our driver had to reverse because of an incoming car.


The Bali Episodes

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Drive safe peeps!!

Promotion at Tasek Brasserie

Special promotion at Alan Inspiration Salon

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The Bali Story: Day 1

A smooth ride from KL to Denpasar though there was a slight delay from LCCT. Yes, we caught AirAsia flight from Brune to KL with a four hour transit before flying off to Denpasar (Bali). The air ticket cost roughly below BND300 if I’m not mistaken but we booked it months in advance. So if you’re thinking of heading to Bali, you can go fly with AirAsia.

We landed by 7:40pm and there is no time difference with Brunei as I initially thought there was. The airport is quite big and if you haven’t got your visa, then you can get your visa on the spot and go through the “Visa on Arrival” queue. I did my visa in Brunei and yea, Brunei ICI passport holders need to apply one whereas Brunei passport needn’t one. Ah, the inconvenience.. this is something the immigration department or the Ministry of Home Affairs or the relevant ageny should do something to make it less troublesome for PRs like us who travels a lot.

The area we are staying is at Ubud which is far off from the usual popular areas such as Nusa Dua and Depansar. It took us at least an hour’s drive from the airport and the traffic is predictable in a sense that it is more convenient to drive at night because of less traffic congestion. We had a great hospitality service from our new friend who is our driver, Pa’ Madi, who also has been chauffeuring our buddies for many years.

We are staying at Natura Village Hotel and wow, I am quite impressed with the architecture, the ambience, the scenery and the facilities of our rooms. A two-bedroom villa with a mini pool and equipped with wifi too. All of these thanks to information provided by Agoda.com where we booked our room and after hours and days of homework, it paid off.

Ok, I won’t ramble now and I’m gonna have my breakie soon.. Stay tune for more updates on my instagram @ranoadidas if you want to follow more current updates of me from Ubud, Bali. Have a great Monday ahead, peeps!!!

Enjoying the morning at our stay at Natura Village Hotel



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