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Live it, not just do it

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Movie reviews

Skyfall. Ok, I have to admit that this Bond film is one of the best I’ve seen for a very long time. Though I prefer Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, Daniel Craig seemed to pull off a great job. This is a different type of Bond movie and not a typical one too. A few chasing here and there but lesser gadgets and Bond chicks which are always crucial to any Bond movie. However, I was still entertained and moved by the story. I know some of my friends complained about the missing elements but I didn’t mind a single bit.

Another aspect that I love about Skyfall is the villain played by Javier Bardem and man, he can really pull off a creepy villain. Half of the reason for this great movie is definitely Javier Bardem. A job well done indeed by director Sam Mendes and I like how he made Bond less invincible. Awesome stuff!! Verdict: 8/10.

Cold War. Hmmmm… I caught this movie at Times Cineplex and this movie was my first movie experience at the new cineplex. I have been fan of Hong Kong movies but as of late, their string of movies have been mediocre. Then came in Aaron Kwok’s latest movie Cold War and it has been a while since I’ve seen his movies. Furthermore, it was a movie about police politics which I’m a big fan of (titles such as Infernal Affairs). However, this movie disappointed me on many levels. The direction was weak and lacking substance. It had potential and it was maybe trying to hard to be another Infernal Affairs. It’s an ok viewing but not on my list of recommendations. Verdict: 6/10.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn II I can’t believe I caught this vampire movie on the first show last Thursday at 10:30am *lol* Mind you, I was cringing in the last three movies of the Twilight series. Strangely enough I only cringed once or twice so I have to say this movie was more than just passable. Bella (Kristin Stewart) looks hot as a vampire though *lol* and I have to admit I was quite entertained and it’s not easy coming from a non-Twilight fan. I love the ending part and a great way to end the series. Verdict: 7/10.

Sinister. This is one dark movie… I totally don’t recommend parents to watch it with their kids.. Trust me on this *haha* but then again, it has stop showing at The Mall Cineplex. Anyway, I was really intrigue by the plot and waiting for each scene to go by in anticipation. The gore level might be too much to stomach for some viewers and the finale is one of the scenes that caught my attention. I would described it as twisted too. Definitely not a movie for children. Verdict: 7/10.The Thieves. I read about this movie before and how it was one of the biggest box office in Korea and of course, I’m such a big fan of Korean movies (thanks to The Host and Old Boy and many more). It’s quite rare to see a Korean movie being screened in Brunei. So I thought why not. So what do I think? Hmmmm.. it’s not all that and it has an interesting touch to it though. The movie reminds me of Ocean’s Eleven but with a more complex twist *lol* Oh yea, there are a mixed of Korean and HK actors too.

I swear that one of the female lead looks like my friend Chin Wei. The movie was only shown at Q-lap Cineplex and I had little trouble catching up with the story since it only had Malay and Chinese subtitles. Oddly enough, halfway through the movie, there was English subtitles then it disappeared after 15 minutes.. So yeah, you have to be alert when you watch this movie. I don’t think there are many screens showing now. Verdict: 7/10.

Paranormal Activity 4. When will they ever stop? The series have already gone to its max and the lifespan of Paranormal Activity has passed its peak. Then again, I asked myself why I did end up watching the 4th installment. Well, the first three were pretty solid so that made my decision to catch the 4th edition. Low and behold, I was pretty much disappointed. The movie has its moments but too few to remember. A forgettable installment which is a good sign for the producers to stop making the fifth. Verdict: 6/10 (being too generous)

Silent Hill: Revelation. Oh my… I should have trusted my instinct but it wasn’t to be since I love movies.. I tried to avoid Rottentomatoes before catching this Silent Hill and I successfully did. This was another waste of my time moment which I could have invested in other things to do. Characters were stale and so were the action scenes. I think I will be wasting my time writing up this review. I gave it a 5 on my instagram but it deserved to be lower. Verdict: 4/10.

Pitch Perfect. I came watching this movie with no expectations and I didn’t realise it was a chick flick. All I knew that the feedback were positive especially from my female friends *lol* And boy, I was truly entertained and I had a good laugh all the way. It’s similar like Glee but using A Capella (vocal without music). My favourite vocal in the Pitch Perfect is Titanium. Too bad it’s not available on Pitch Perfect soundtrack. I don’t mind catching this again. One of my top ten movies of the year. Verdict: 8/10.

Looper. One thing I enjoyed about this movie is the interesting concept. This might require your full concentration as you will need to put the pieces together to understand the tricky plot. I can see how Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been picking up steam in the box office with his recent movies Premium Rush and the blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises and the recent release Lincoln. He was pretty exceptional in Looper but I thought the story was slightly draggy in the middle. I can tell you that this movie is either a hit or a miss. Few of my buddies didn’t like, some did. Del Goh rated it a 9. For me, it was good enough. Salute for its boldness. Verdict: 7/10.

Rise of the Guardians. A much awaited animation and it was a pleasant viewing for me. I kinda enjoyed the plot and how it had a combination of fairy tale stuff going on. For me, Madacasgar is still the top animation in terms of entertainment and fun factor. ROTG doesn’t reach to that level but the messages delivered do have their meanings and I can relate it to my daily life. Paranorman was fun too. If you enjoyed Paranorman, then you can’t go wrong with ROTG and experience the magical journey. Verdict: 7/10.




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