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Freedom is the best form of love

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Drive safe peeps!! 

Promotion at Tasek Brasserie

Icon Design Store

Click image to enter website

Gert Schriever, the co-founder of ICON Design Store

Now this is something different that you don’t come across every day. A boutique furniture shop run by two passionate European furniture collectors – Rick Van Aagten and Gert Schriever, both whom are quite familiar with the Brunei community. It was just an idea that both came up with in starting the business and that was how ICON Design Store came about – iconic furniture designs at very affordable prices.

What can you expect at ICON Design Store? They have a good mix of contemporary and mid century modern designer classic furniture inspired by famous designers with a price range from B$100 up to B$5,000. They also provide delivery services as well as consultant services.

The shop is located at Batu Bersurat at the new building behind Red Canopy and not far from Fun Bee Park. The building is called Sempurna Complex and you can call 242 7351 for details. You can also order from their website by clicking here and there are tons of choices too.

Some of the European collections at the store

A classic modern feel furniture

Gert and Rick, the co-founders of ICON Design Store

I had a quick chat with Rick, co-founder of ICON Design Store and here is what he has to say.

RA: Why Brunei? Is it safe to say that icon is the first concept that have these type of collections? 

Rick: We think it is safe to say that we are the first concept to offer a wide range of modern classic designer furniture in Brunei. Why Brunei? Because it was simply not available here upon til now 😉

RA: I remember you mentioned that furniture you brought in are replicas but still good quality ones. How much difference in terms of price range of the originals? 

Rick: We work hard to ensure that all of our products are manufactured to the highest quality standard from the best materials. It is genuinely important to us that we consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations with every single piece of furniture that we sell. Put simply if we think any item isn’t good enough to display within our own homes or office, then we won’t sell it to you!

In terms of pricing; for example an original classic piece like the Borge Mogensen Lounge Chair sells for more than B$20,000 while we are selling a high quality reproduction for B$2,500 – only a fraction of the original price. Designer furniture is now within reach of many more people than just to those lucky few who can afford it.

RA: Can a distinguished and knowledgeable customer tell if the furniture is not of good quality by testing it out for a few seconds? What are your perceptions of customers’ knowledge when it comes to European furniture?

Rick: Oh yes, absolutely. As mentioned earlier we only use premium quality materials, such as aniline leather and cashmere wool. Among our customer base are architects and interior designers who are very pleased with the quality of our furniture. They also purchase our products for their own homes, which gives us the confidence to say that we are actually selling quality furniture.

We were happy to see that so many Bruneians are familiar with designer furniture. On the other hand designer furniture is becoming more and more mainstream as it is seen in many movies, tv-series and commercials. As well as the fact that reproductions of classic design are now made affordable.



RA: Your concept is definitely targeting the average and above average income bracket customers. It’s a niche market. Will this be a challenge for icon?

Rick: It is definitely a niche market which is always a challenge, but that also comes with a lot of potential since we are the first to enter the Brunei market with this concept. However we also hope to attract the lower income bracket customers since our furniture is simply affordable compared to other available furniture in Brunei. But it is also a question of taste; some like it, some don’t.

RA: Do you offer instalments for customers? Do you think Brunei has a strong buying power?

Rick: We offer our clients 0% instalment plans on credit card payments through Standard Chartered and Baiduri. Most Bruneians coming to our store know exactly what they want and are very determined to get what they want, so from our experience Brunei has a strong buying power.

RA: Do you offer ID services? if you do, please elaborate.

Rick: Yes, we provide interior design services for commercial and residential projects from small scale remodeling to complete renovations.

RA: What is your most sellable item? And also what’s your favourite item in the store? 

Rick: At the moment our hottest item is the Eames Lounge chair designed by Charles & Ray Eames in 1956. The chair and ottoman are made of curved plywood and upholstered with the finest aniline leather which makes it an exceptionally comfortable chair which is also my personal favourite. Consider it sold once you sit in it… 😉

Family Fun Day at Jati


The winners of the B-Class Challenge

Jati Transport Sdn Bhd, the sole agent for Mercedes Benz in Brunei Darussalam, held a Family Fun Day yesterday as a gesture for its loyal customers, friends and family.

Entertainment and games were set up for visitors, including magic tricks by local magic store Spades, face painting, fishing games, a bouncer, balloon-twisting clowns and more.

The most popular game was the B-Class challenge, where families of four compete against one another to load the car with cargo prepared by Jati Transport, and the team to complete the task in the fastest time would win Mercedes-brand luggage by Samsonite, worth about $700.

The Fun Day event also offered food and refreshments such as murtabak and soto, as well as sweet treats such as cotton candy and Mr Softy ice cream.

Mercedes Service Advisers were also present at the event, ready to answer questions on any of the Mercedes vehicles.

Customers were also treated to a demonstration of Mercedes’ auto parking system, which was conducted right outside the showroom. Ammirul Adnan of The Brunei Times.



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