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Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News


From Progresif Cellular 


Check out the Mission and Vision of PSCB


Progresif Cellular’s press conference to the media two weeks ago. Image taken from Progresif Cellular Facebook page.

Some FAQs from Progresif Cellular

Question: What will happen to my present postpaid service?

Answer: Your postpaid account will remain uninterrupted and will be automatically transferred from B-Mobile to Progresif Cellular (PCSB), effective July 1,2014.However, there will be some slight changes that need to take place with your regular payment procedure beginning July 1st – this varies from bank to bank.Beginning July 1, 2014, you will no longer be able to make any bill payments to the B-Mobile account. This includes payments via automated teller machines (ATMs), over-the-counter deposits and internet banking.You may continue to make bill payments to the newly established Progresif Cellular account via the same methods mentioned above i.e. ATM, over the counter and internet banking.

For details on what you need to do to make the change, please go to our new website at www.progresifcellular.com.bn,or to your bank’s website, where you will see a step-by-step guide. If you need any clarification or further information, you may also send your query to contact(8)progresifcellular.com.bn.

Question: What will happen to my prepaid service?

Answer: You will still be able to buy and use B-Mobile prepaid top-up cards from your regular outlets. Nothing has changed. At the end of July, you will be able to buy Progresif Cellular or PCSB top-up cards, but for now, the B- Mobile cards will still work as usual.

Question: What about our SIM cards. Do we need to change them and will there be a cost?

Answer: This will be an over-the-counter process, but you will have 6 months from July 1st to do it. This will apply to both prepaid and postpaid and there will be no charge.For corporate customers, we will be liaising directly with the administrator at your company.

Question: When will new Progresif Cellular (PCSB) top-up cards be launched?

Answer: They will be available at the end of July. Meanwhile, your existing ones will still work.

For more FAQs, you can click here on their corporate website or you can join their Facebook Page.




A fruitful visit by Zalora 

Invited guests checking out the dresses from Jovian Mandagie at The Empire Hotel & Country Club

Late post: Ever heard of ZALORA? It’s a growing brand in Brunei though there’s no physical store that exists in Brunei because it’s an online brand. Do you know that ZALORA is increasing in growth in terms of sales from Brunei alone? Though it’s a small market compared to other regional countries but it is an important growing market said Luca Barberis, Director of ZALORA. He noticed the growth trend increased by 100% in the past few months and from there, the company believe that Brunei is an important market because many Bruneians buy Jovian Mandagie’s design wear for women.

The other reason why Bruneians love to shop at ZALORA because of the speedy delivery to their doorsteps. The items will be delivered within 3-4 days from Malaysia and you can even return the item should the dress or shoes you bought isn’t the correct size. Jovian Mandagie is known for their modern Baju Kurungs and Muslimah Dresses and the price ranges from RM 250.

Recently ZALORA made a showcase at The Empire Hotel & Country Club with the presence with the management and fashion icon celebrity Jovian Mandagie. The public had the opportunity to view the collection by Jovian Mandagie “Chantilly” which is inspired by the French city of Chantilly which is known for producing the finest lace.

The showcase was also an avenue for the newbies to get a feel of Jovian Mandagie products and they will be able to trust and appreciate the design and materials by Jovian Mandagie. So ladies, this is very ideal for upcoming Hari Raya and I have to say I’m impressed with the workmanship and the simplicity of the design and still looking elegant.

It was a honour also to meet the fashion designer himself, Jovian Mandagie, and I love his aura and charisma which makes him such an approachable celebrity. I also had interesting conversion with Giulio Xiloyannis, Managing Director of ZALORA Malaysia and Luca Barberis, Director of ZALORA Malaysia and Stacy Hui, PR Executive of ZALORA Malaysia.

Luca shared that many of their customers are surfing through mobile phones and making purchases from their devices. At least 30% of their customers buy ZALORA products online, either through ZALORA mobile site or ZALORA app. His team will further improve the user friendliness of their mobile based ZALORA to improve customer experience which will translate to more dollars and cents.

So do check out their website ZALORA and you can check the number of Jovian Mandagie’s dresses online and give it a shot or even download their mobile app on IOS and Android.


Fashion icon Jovian Mandagie and Giulio Xiloyannis, Managing Director of ZALORA Malaysia

Luca Barberis, Director of ZALORA Malaysia mingling with the guests

ZALORA showcasing Jovian Mandagie dresses

ZALORA showcasing Jovian Mandagie dresses

Jovian and @enyabioux

ZALORA showcasing Jovian Mandagie dresses

Anisah browsing through ZALORA website

The layout at ZALORA website

How ZALORA app looks like on IOS




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