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Archive for 03/09/2013


Thank you, Scott!!

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

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Scott Cassell, an inspirational icon


His Majesty the Sultan met Scott Cassell, Luminox brand ambassador last night. You can read more from today’s Borneo Bulletin.

I’m super inspired by Scott Cassell. Someone who was foreign to Brunei a few days ago and now he has become one of the most talked icon in Brunei right now. I feel grateful that he’s currently being invited to Brunei under the flagship of Luminox and yes, he’s also the Luminox brand ambassador and he was chosen to be one because of his passion and dedication to preserve the dying ocean. Yes, as we speak the ocean’s resources are depleting because of many factors and the only people that can help to overcome this problem is “us”, no else because we are the hosts of the earth.

I attended the press conference yesterday and this morning, I learned more about Scott during his short visit to ISB students during the assembly and he’s such a perfect role model for students in spreading the awareness of our ocean and the marine life. It was a great sight to see students raising up their hands during the Q&A session but sadly time didn’t permit Scott to attend all the questions.

I truly agree with what Scott said. Teachers are the most important tool in this process of awareness because they are the ones educating the students and the public on how to conserve the ocean resources. Did you know that the oxygen we breathe that the ocean produces 51% of it? That’s how important the ocean is to our ever growing population.

He was also proud that ISB is a school that is very concerned with environment and this is one reason why Scott handed two Luminox watches to ISB as a token of appreciation for ISB’s green and environmental initiative.

Perhaps the highlight for Scott Cassell was the privilege to have an audience with His Majesty the Sultan last night at the Officer’s Mess of Bolkiah Garrison and Scott applauded the monarch for the “heroic act” where Brunei is the first country in the world to ban shark fishing and the sale of shark related items.

Scott Cassell was in ISB, giving an inspiring talk to the students this morning. Scott taking a group photo withe Eco team of ISB

Scott in his Luminox suit attire

Students from ISB were inspired by his talk

I wasn’t far from this kid and wow, he was raising his hand up all the time and his persistence paid off. I see a bright future for this kid and a great question too.

Executive Principal of ISB receiving two Luminox watches from Scott Cassell and Luminox team

ISB senior students singing You Raise Me Up to conclude the assembly

Group photo with new fans of Scott

Scott signing on the cast

A huge turnout at the Scott Cassell’s talk this morning at ISB

Scott was also impressed with the coral reefs that Brunei has and to say that Brunei is an “undiscovered country” is an honour. Brunei has shown the leadership that other countries should follow and Scott quoted that the beauty of Brunei underwater represents the beauty of the people of Brunei and salute Bruneians the courage to protect the marine life.

He discovered that the Abana Reef in Brunei was the best he has seen in the past 30 years and he had the privilege to experience it with the Minister of Industry and Primary Resources last Sunday during their dive expedition. Scott said from his findings that no algae can be found and there is less than 2% of coral bleaching. This shows that our water has lack of pollution.

To answer why Scott uses the Luminox for his dive trips and expeditions: This is because the watch is very durable and light and the best part is the light glow on the numbers and the hand clock. It has a 25 years of continuous glow and you don’t need external light source to make it glow too. Another reason why Scott’s favourite is the Luminox is because it’s a good-feel watch.

Sometimes when things don’t go his way or if he feels slightly moody, the Luminox watch doesn’t seem to bring his energy down. He was already in love with the Luminox way before he was appointed the brand ambassador. So with the power of Google and Luminox’s vision of conserving the ocean, Scott was offered to be the ambassador for Luminox.

He will be off to Tioman Island with Luminox team from Singapore and also following the crew will be Aziz Idris of Borneo Bulletin (luck you). Thank Scott Cassell for making a good impression of Brunei and also it was honour to have met you personally. I hope next year ISB BGIC will invite you as a speaker because he’s truly an inspirational icon for the environment 😀

Thank you to Luminox team, MIPR, Brunei Tourism, Poni Divers, Aziz and Dean from Borneo Bulletin and my reporter Aliya for helping out on this coverage. There will one more posting on Scott Cassell later this week.

One of the reasons to own a Luminox watch

At yesterday’s press conference with the local and foreign media

Scott Cassell with the management of Brunei Press

I was asking Scott about his own design Luminox watch

Scott pointed out his favourite Luminox

Now which one should I have? Hmmmm.. I love the orange though.

With Pamela Tan of Crystal Time, distributor for Luminox brand. Click image to know more about Luminox.


“Jong Sarat” by SAB FIVE FIVE


Sabrina Wong of L’Orient with her latest line from SAB FIVE FIVE “Jong Sarat”. This is such a great combination of modern and culture wear.

Fashion designer Sabrina Wong has created a fusion of fashion, using local fabrics in modern designs for a unique collection that will be presented at the China ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) in Nanning Guangxi on the 4th September.

The SAB FIVE FIVE “Jong Sarat” Collection is the first collection to feature the Brunei traditional Tenunan fabric. Sabrina used the different features of the fabric as embellished details for pockets and collars.

Invited by the China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat, Sabrina will represent Brunei in the Fashion Mix culture event, an event to showcase ASEAN and China costumes and highlight the distinctive culture of all 11 countries. She will be accompanied by her husband during the trip to bring the 12 piece collection to the International stage.

According to a press release, the Secretariat requested the collections to be modern, but also feature the characteristics and culture of the Sultanate.

The event, jointly organised by NSR (New Silk Road) model agency in China and the China-Asean Secretariat, will be an opportunity for Sabrina to present the Brunei culture at its best and demonstrate the high quality of handicraft in Brunei by infusing the Tenunan into current fashion trends.

Having established her own label in Brunei and Australia since 2005, Sabrina is known to have loyal customers largely due to her personal attention and service. Her designs have attracted customers from as far as the United States, and during the recent fashion showcase, she was visited by friends and business contacts, as well as representatives from MIPR and BEDB to show their support for the flourishing designer.

L’Orient is located on the ground floor of Kiulap Complex in Kg Kiulap. For enquiries, the shop can be reached at 2239988.

Another Jong Sarat design

Another Jong Sarat design

Sabrina showing her latest design to Fizah under MIPR

Sabrina with her invited guests during the launch of her new product line. Congratulations Sabrina and good luck in Nanning 😀





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