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Archive for 08/09/2013


Back to normal

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Icon Design Store


New and bigger things at ICON Design Store. Click to enter


Grand Raya Package at Peugeot


Grand Raya Package at Peugoet and promotion ends 15th September. Click image to enter website.



Black Angus at Deals


Click image to enter facebook page


BIBD Barakah 4


Click image to enter website
A betterfly

Introducing the 787 Dreamliner. Coming soon!!

Hairspa, a relatively new concept


Click image to enter Facebook page

It has been a while since I had a head massage. I love head massages. It soothes my head as well as my thoughts and I become less stress and get slightly recharged too. Anyway, I came across Scalp Trichocare Hairspa and what’s interesting about this place is the treatment and services they provide. Have you ever heard of a hair spa before? It’s a new interesting concept and I can guarantee you that this is the first place in Brunei that offers such services because I’ve been to different hair salons and their services are not same though some procedures are similar. Oh, they don’t do hair cutting of those sort. It’s merely focusing on hair/scalp treatment on a different level.

I was wondering about it myself since I am concerned about my hair and my scalp. I’m not embarrassed to admit of the sensitive scalp and my receding hairline (I have an M hairline shaped now btw and it’s not easy to recover). Before the procedure, Raymond, one of the consultants of Scalp Trichocare Hairspa, briefed me the procedure and also making sure I feel comfortable and plus he’s pretty truthful about the outcome. We as customers tend to be misled by hair salons especially those with hair/scalp treatments, thinking that our hair can be restored in matter of weeks or months. I won’t spare too many details on that but perhaps on my later post.

Scalp Trichocare Hairspa is located at Gadong Central, Unit C35, 2nd Floor Block C, same building as The Boxx, Mr. Bakers Cafeteria and Sushi Tei but at the far end. I know parking can be a troublesome but it’s worth the effort especially if you are going for a hairspa 😀

Scalp Trichocare Hairspa is located at Gadong Central. Do call 242 8143 or 723 5273 for more info and reservation

They have two of these types chair for treatment

They also have VIP private rooms just in case you are a bit shy. There’s no extra charge for this too.

At the Scalp Trichocare Hairspa

There are quite a few treatment and services they provide but I will highlight the one that I tried – Signature Herbal Hairspa. Well, honestly this is one awesome treatment and it lasts at least one and a half hour. All you have to do is lie down and let the expert do his thing. So for $68 (pretty reasonable), you will go through 5 processes :-

Scalp & Hair analysis
Spa Wash Deep Cleansing
Hair Loss Defense Scalp Therapy + 30 mins Head Massage
Hair Botanical Therapy
Water Therapy + Blow dry

So for all that for $68, it’s a good deal and plus you will be enjoying the comfort of their service for the next hour or so. For my readers, if you mention “ranoadidas”, you will be entitled to a 10% for the $68 treatment. This treatment is called the “Rejuvenating Signature Hairspa with Water Therapy.

First step. To clear the scalps pores so that hairs are free to grow. Our scalp is perhaps one of the areas that we always take for granted. We don’t realise how other oils, pollutants and even shampoos and other cosmetic products can affect the condition of our scalps. This can create plaque that clogs the pores and our hair follicles will not be able to grow. So this process will help to remove the layer so that the scalp is free of excess oils and dead cells. This also helps stimulate the blood circulation and allows the hair follicle to flow freely on the scalp. Hence, the detoxication and deep cleansing is quite important. I kinda enjoyed this process.

I had a scalp analysis and it’s obvious that I still have sensitive scalp but I’m happy that I have new baby hair growing 😀

This is an interesting process. My scalp was continuously poured with a mixture blend of herbal tea to open up the clogs in my scalp. I think they have different blends for this procedure. You can choose what you want.

Second step. Ahh the 30 min head massage. I seriously could have fall asleep during this process. Maybe I was just tired from the whole week or maybe it was just a very relaxing head massage that I enjoyed every much. Before the massage, Raymond applied some in-house blend cream (very cooling) with Chinese herbs that helps to energize and rehabilitate the scalp around the follicles. For me, this is the best part of the massage 😀

Raymond applied some cream paste and it’s quite cooling and soothing

Who doesn’t love a head massage? 😀

Third & four step. This is the scalp and hair botanical therapy and the Water therapy stage. Well, this is the ozone therapy with hot and cold mist. So why this process? I even had to wear a shower cap structure that hooks up to a small machine. With this process, the herb nutrients could be absorbed deeply at optimum into hair roots. the ozone kills bacteria on the scalp, reduces itchiness too and also applying ginger conditioner to help repair split ends and moisturize the hair.

It has been a while since I wore a shower cap *lol* but this process is for ozone therapy which lasts for 15 minutes or so. It reminds me of my perming days too.

Fifth stage is the hair will be blown. Well, there’s nothing much on my scalp right now as my hair is growing after the Go Bald charity event two weeks ago. The blow dry is only partially done to minimize damage by the heat to the hair and to allow better absorption of the herbal paste (done in the 2nd stage).

Since my hair is growing, not much to be blown *lol*

Before heading off, Raymond gave me a Scalp Air Tonic dosage, a Legitime product. It’s not part of the package but this product is more like a hair scalp care system for the improvement of damaged hair. How to use it? Soak the hair and apply appropriate amount of tonic to the scalp and hair directly. Then massage the scalp for 2-3 minutes with fingertips. Rinse with water. For better result, repeat this procedure twice.

Just press it on the head and you will get the cooling effect on the scalp

Some of the recommended products for scalp care

So from the one and an half hour experience, I began to learn more about scalps in general as Raymond was explaining it *thanks for that knowledge* He went through an intensive 6 months course to learn about scalp and hair treatment because he himself was suffering from hair loss like me and now he has new baby hair after using the right product and treatment. So sometimes it’s a plus if someone actually experiences a problem and going through many problem-solving situations until he or she finds an appropriate method. But this time, he took a step further and learning and undergo training so he can also help others with similar problems.

It’s never too late for this and most of all, I simply love the treatment and the service they provide and it’s not surprise that I bumped into a mutual friend who is a loyal customer ever since her first visit because of the positive result it has done to her hair. I’m definitely coming back again for my 2nd treatment.

For reservations, you can call 242 8143 or 723 5273. You can also check out their Facebook page. Furthermore, if you mention ranoadidas, you will get 10% discount of the the “Rejuvanting Signature Hairspa with Water Therapy” which last for 90 minutes. It’s about time you pamper yourself.

A customer and one of the staff from Scalp Trichocare Hairspa


The launch of BIBD in KB


Yang Mulia Dato Paduka Awang Haji Bahrin bin Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Finance cum Chairman of BIBD launched the branch of BIBD in KB

BIBD launched another fully fledged branch in line with the signature image that the bank has embraced.

The new branch, located at Lot 1300, V Plaza, Jalan Sungai was launched by Yang Mulia Dato Paduka Awang Haji Bahrin bin Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Finance cum Chairman of BIBD. 

Also present were BIBD Board of Directors,  senior government officials, Perdana and corporate clients as well as  members of the Belait Municipal Board, community leaders and Awg Haji Harris bin Osman, The Belait District Officer.

To bless the event, there was a recital of the Al-Fatihah along with prayers, which was followed by a speech from Javed Ahmed, BIBD Managing Director.

“BIBD recognizes the importance of developing local entrepreneurs. With the dominance of the oil and gas sector in the Brunei economy, we also believe that the best way to nurture entrepreneurs is to work on the Local Business Development initiative of the Government of His Majesty The Sultan and Yang DiPertuan of Negara Brunei Darussalam,” he said.

“Among our custmers, we have about 1800 SMES. We recognize that our future success depends on the success of these businesses in making the Brunei economy both vibrant and robust,” he added. The new KB branch replaces the previous branch that was located in Jalan Pretty, which served BIBD customers since 1983. Now, at the new branch, customers can get their banking needs served six days a week, excluding public holidays, from 8.45am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, and to 11.15 am on Saturdays.

The new fully fledged branch houses dedicated Corporate and Consumer sections, offering all services similar to other BIBD branches, such as account transactions and enquiries, financing requests, BIBD account openings, E-Banking services, BIBD card collection, along with general services provided by BIBD service Executives, Service Ambassadors and Personal Bankers. The new corporate division is represented by four dedicated Relationship Managers, embodying the bank’s belief in it’s role as a stellar partner in the development of local businesses.

The launching of the new KB branch, follows in the footsteps of BIBD’s newly adopted corporate image that highlights uniquely Bruneian values that signify the Brunei and Islamic visual canvas. The upgrading of BIBD’s branch network is in line with strategic efforts on its transformation to be a bank that is truly “Bruneian at Heart”, which signifies commitment to Bruneian aspirations and values, as well as its roots in Bruneian and Islamic values.

Guest of honour officially launched the new branch

Javed Ahmad, Managing Director of BIBD with his welcoming remarks

Image taken of Herman’s IG.


Le Doux Patisserie


Le Doux Patisserie is located at No. 1, Block C, Ground Floor, Sempurna Complex Jalan Batu Bersurat

Regular readers of LFHW know that I am a great fan of dessert and all things sweet. Let’s be honest.. who isn’t? I know there’s nothing more pleasurable than a dessert that overwhelms your senses and leaves you feeling sweetly satisfied.

So when I was invited to see Le Doux Patisserie, of course, I leapt at the chance! I was pleasantly surprised to discover this gorgeous bakery and cake shop, which is located at Batu Bersurat, in the area of Happy Star and the same row as Red Canopy.  Stepping inside, it was like Wonderland of cake and pastry!

Le Doux specialises in making authentic halal French desserts. Their lovely and friendly chef was trained in none other than the famous Le Cordon Bleu school of Culinary Arts. The meticulous details and artful design of the French art of pastry is evident in each of the beautiful cakes on display. I was even more amazed by the rows of petit fours, even spotting some of my favourites such as eclairs, profiteroles and mille feuille in the refrigerated cases. What’s even more amazing is how fresh all their products are. They start work daily at 5am to ensure that all you see in their cases is newly made that day.

Although they have been open for about a year, Le Doux’s reputation has preceded them, attracting customers from as far as Miri to order their specialty cakes. And it’s no wonder why, with their wonderful service; after booking a cake design, you get to sit for a tasting of different flavours, so that everything is as you wish.

What separates them from the rest is not only the authenticity of their products, but the determination to be different. Although many customers have approached them to do similar items like those already in the market, Le Doux maintains their originality and integrity by specialising in what they do best. I tried their Phoenix cake, which I believe was a strawberry and kiwi confection.. which really tickled my tastebuds with the contrast of tart and sweetness. Their tiramisu was soft and pillowy in the mouth, the coffee and chocolate cutting across the delicious caramel and sweet notes.. simply delightful! My next target is to try their macarons and profiteroles!

This year, they have come out with a line of specialty cookie hampers, decorated in gorgeous shades of lavender and green for Hari Raya. Prices for the hampers start at $48 and come with a variety of 6-10 cookies, depending on the hamper size.

If you’re looking for a lovely cake to be the centrepiece of your dessert table during your Open House, Le Doux would love to be able to serve you with one of their perfect confections. Even the pastes and purees, are made inhouse to ensure quality and that all their ingredients are halal. Written by Aliya Zin.

Le Doux Patisserie is located at No. 1, Block C, Ground Floor, Sempurna Complex Jalan Batu Bersurat, Kampong Gadong, B.S.B. BE3519, Brunei Muara, Brunei Darussalam. You can call them for more info at +673 245 7722 or visit their website at www.ledoux.com.bn

Oh La la! Le macaron! 

My favourite cake in the whole world is that Black Forest Gateau.. so I had to stop myself from climbing into the cake case and moving in with all these sweeties!

This cheesecake makes me want to weep of envy from its sheer beauty

Mini Black Forest Gateaus! And friends!

On the left a fruit eclair, on the right.. Opera cake.. in the middle, I’m not sure.. but DOES IT NOT LOOK DIVINE???

A close look at one of the cookie hampers! 

LOOK HOW PRETTY THEY ARE! It’s a perfect gift for your boss, customer.. or even your favourite food writer… *wink, wink*

I really love how the colours of this are purple, blue and green. If you spend over a certain amount, Le Doux will even set up the custom display for your cake, as you see here!


Have you got yourself a WD?


Zul And Rahman of Concepts Computer holding the new Western Digital HDD at Concepts Computer branch in Kiulap

Aaah, such pain typing this article out as I’m still devastated about my Time Machine where I’m trying to retrieve at least 1.6 TB of data from it *lol* That’s like my database of 2012 and I hope most of the data is still recoverable.

Anyway, the focus here is Western Digital Hard Disk Drive. Now they have newer models – the Ultra. For the affordable one, you can go for the WD’s My Passport Essential. It’s now 3.0 USB ready which is faster than 2.0 in terms of transfer rate and it also has a password protection. You can get a 500GB for $88, 1TB for $118 and 2TB for $288. Customers will also get a free casing pouch if you purchase the WD HDD from Concepts Computers.

As for the Ultra (My Passport Ultra), they are priced at $108 for 500GB and $138 for 1TB and the best part is that you can save your data via cloud storage. The HDD are also quite durable and have higher shock tolerance. So hence, you are paying extra $$$ for the quality and options.

All the new WD HDD comes with a casing pouch and also a 3-year warranty which makes this a pretty good deal. Western Digital products visit Concepts Computers’ nearest showroom or call 2233551/2233552 or 2448102/2448103.

The Western Digital My Passport Ultra HDD

The older models of Western Digital HDD

The free casing pouch that comes with the HDD, only at Concepts Computer

Love the numbers on them

The Ultra is the one I would recommend





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