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Archive for 05/09/2013


Baiduri Safari Night

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

42 scholars from BSP


Haji Suhaila bin Haji Abd Karim, the Deputy Permanent Secretary (Core Education) at the Ministry of Education and BSP’s Human Resources Director Hj Kamaludin Hj Bungsu with the new BSP scholars last Tuesday

This is a yearly thing for Brunei Shell Petroleum to hand out scholarship to promising and potential students. Yesterday was the signing ceremony where 42 students were awarded scholarships for their outstanding merit achievements and it’s not that easy either to be selected for the scholarship. The students will have go through a thorough process and there are three stages before they get chosen.

The guest of honour was Haji Suhaila bin Haji Abd Karim, the Deputy Permanent Secretary (Core Education) at the Ministry of Education, who was accompanied by senior officials from BSP and government.

BSP Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarship in Brunei and this gives the students the opportunity to study abroad and be exposed to a lot of things that will be foreign to them. I was once studied abroad and it definitely changed my character (of course, for the better) and it will give you another perspective as well.

During the speech by the guest of honour, he highlighted the success of their ministry’s (education) collaboration with BSP in scouting and producing talents that will help to boost the competency level in the energy industry and also contributing towards Vision 2035.

Also present was the BSP’s Human Resources Director Hj Kamaludin Hj Bungsu and I do agree with his speech that we shouldn’t forget our cultural roots. From what I observed in the past years, this can be easily be muddled with western influence and slowly we forgot our national identity and culture. So if you happen to be studying in the UK, do get involved in the students’ society or club and there are tons of them too.

Congratulations to the 42 students and I wish you all the best. I still wish that I could continue my studies. Age is never a barrier. It’s more of my dedication and determination and I always use “other commitments” as my excuse *lol*

For your info, the BSP Scholarship and In-Service Sponsorship Contract Signing Ceremony was held at the Royal Berkshire Hall of the Royal Brunei Polo and Riding Club in Jerudong. The signatories were witnessed by a parent or family member and the guest of honour.

Muhammad Ali Mahdan, student representative of the BSP Scholarship. He expressed his gratitude towards BSP and parents of the scholars. He ended with a quote from Sayidina Umar Al-Khattab, “Do not be an arrogant scholar, for scholarship cannot subsist with arrogance”

With two scholarship students, Noor Adeena Natasya binti Haji Azlan and Mohammad Yazid bin Dato Paduka Hj Mustafa. Congratulations you two 😀

In the recent interview, both BSP scholars Noor Adeena Natasya binti Haji Azlan and Mohammad Yazid bin Dato Paduka Hj Mustafa were very grateful for the scholarships. One found it from an exhibition and the other was recommended from a family member. Both expressed how it’s not that easy the process that they had to go through in order to be qualified for the BSP scholarship.

Noor Adeena Natasya is pursing her studies in Architectural Engineering in Cardiff University. She’s very happy to receive the scholarship after three intensive months (work experience attachment). The former Maktab Sain student will be flying off pretty soon, 20th September to the UK. She hopes to have the technical knowledge once she graduates. She also thanked BSP for being at one of the roadshows, otherwise she wouldn’t have known.

Mohammad Yazid bin Dato Paduka Hj Mustafa will be doing 2 years in ITB followed by 2 years in the University of New South Wales. He will be pursuing in Chemical Engineering. He hopes to gain more confidence and independence as well. Yazid thanked BSP for all the support especially during the 3 month period.


Baiduri Media Appreciation Night




Pelangi represent yooo…

What an awesome night from Baiduri Media Appreciation Night!! The theme was African Safari and I was contemplating if I should dress up for the occasion or not and I ended up dressing up 😀 This is another annual event organized by Baiduri Bank in appreciation to the local media and advertising agencies in making the local bank one of the best in Brunei and the bank has also won awards regionally in the past few years.

Their recent launches of the Baiduri Smart Executive Programme, Baiduri Student Account (4U Value Pack) and the recent Baiduri Deals mobile app have shown that they are expanding and giving more benefits to their loyal and new customers.

Baiduri Bank’s CEO, Mr. Pierre Imhof, was very pleased with the great turn out last night at i-Lotus and yea, it was pretty packed too. And great job to the organising team in creating this fun-packed event.

The biggest winners for the games were Brunei Press guys where they won four out of five games *lol* I have they say they are the benchmark for most of the media appreciation nights as they have won many games they participated in. The funniest moment for me is Fadil and he was so into the game and it’s just his body language that made it super fun.

Marul won the grand prize for the lucky draw and he can now fly to Redang for a holiday. Livie and I won best dress for the event. Thank you Baiduri Bank for another superb evening and also for the welcoming drink – Gong Cha 😀

CEO of Baiduri Bank Mr. Pierre Imhof

With two hot safari chics from The Brunei Times

Imhof with Baiduri associates

Dj Zura with the SuckMed guys

Piñata ready to be mauled

The watermelon game

Hello Zura 😀

Queueing up for dinner and man, I forgot to have my dosage

The memorable dance for many reasons *lol*

Great turn out last night

They had to mimic a monkey

Azrol and his team dominated the games year after year

The elephant team

The elephant performance

Fadil was the main entertainer of the night

Imhof talking to the media

The tribal dance

Brunei Press in hot form

Jane won a lucky draw prize :p

Group photo

Kristal FM represent…

Marul won the grand lucky draw.. Woohoo

I think I was slightly off the costume but I am the poacher

I was rewarded for my costume btw 😀

Maurina looking at the vision of Baiduri Bank





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