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Movie podcast debuts

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Movie podcast


Movie reviews. Today my focus on this post will be movie reviews and I know I have many pending posts for my blog.. Soon, guys, soon 😀 But for now, it will be my reviews on some of the movies that I caught in Singapore and Brunei lately.

Anyway, a few background about me and my love for movies. For those who follow me on my instagram and twitter handle (@ranoadidas), you will see a summarised version of my movie reviews before I post them on my blog. Writing reviews do take up a lot of my time and I use to write them religiously right after I watch a movie. Now I will take my time and slowly compile them before publishing them out on my blog.

Because of my love for movies, I started my own movie podcast after being inspired by David Chensky’s podcast on slash filmcast and it took me a while to get it going and I’m thankful that I have friends, Del Goh and Leo Kassim, who are willing to be part of my movie podcast which has yet to be named.

Finally the time has arrived that we delivered our first movie podcast hosted on soundcloud. We are still at experimental stage so do bear with us as there are some minor tweaking that need to be done. I do apologize if the quality is not as great and we will definitely continue to improve on the technical side of it.

We are open for feedback as well. We have a few comments from our peers. De No Goh, Han and Jason did highlight that our latest episode was pretty long (running at 70 minutes). I do agree that it is pretty long especially for us as first timers. Our actual target was 30-45 minutes max and fitting in at least 10 movies (as we are reviewing the hits and misses of Summer movies), it’s not as easy feat either. So yeah, I thank you guys for that comment and do expect a much more concise timing on our next podcast next week 😀 For your info, the slash filmcast podcast averages at 70-80 mins per episode but then again they are professional podcasters with a great following.

David had a good suggestion which I already have thoughts about it and that is having a female voice in our podcast. A female guest is already in the pipeline but as for now, there won’t be a lady host just yet as the podcast team has just started. Once we all have settled and familiarising ourselves as time goes by, there will be opportunities for a female co-host. I had a very interesting chat with Amy Wong on movies today and I’m amazed with her take on movies especially the under rated ones. 

So guys, do give your comments to ranoadidas(8)gmail on our podcast and if you haven’t listen to our latest episode – Our Top 3 Summer movies of 2013 with Rano and co-hosts Del Goh and Leo Kassim, you can click here and I hope you enjoy our conversation and at times, random topics.

Click on banner to listen to our Top 3 Summer movies podcast featuring Del Goh, Leo Kassim and I

Kick-Ass 2. Whoooaaaa… I’m jus totally turned off by a lot of things from this movie alone. Don’t get me wrong. Kick-Ass was a great cult movie when I first saw it on the big screen and it was also in my Top 10 movies of 2010. I remember giving this movie a solid 9. Now how can a movie of that magnitude and charisma failed to live to my expectations on the sequel? Well, shit does happen and this movie turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments right after Man of Steel.

I’m just wondering about the messy plot and many of the scenes were very unnecessary and some of the minor roles didn’t pay off as they were ignored after appearing once or twice on screen. What’s up with that? Perhaps one of the highlights of KA2 is the onscreen presence of Jim Carrey and that again, he was under utilised in this movie and maybe he has his reasons. If you had the shock value in the first one, you won’t find any surprises here. Yes, some argued it was funny but I expected more than just the humour. I want some ass kicking movie. Not a rubbish sequel. Verdict: 6/10 Tiffany Yong 9/10 Rottentomatoes 29%

Riddick. Ahhh Vin Diesel. He has a great year, hasn’t he? Well, he only had two movies this year but who doesn’t know him as the iconic driver on Fast and the Furious. The movie has excelled into the box office success and let’s see if he can deliver the same feel on his own movies. I was also disappointed with Riddick. It’s like watching a b-grade film but with a higher budget. I don’t know how to explain but I guess you will get the picture.

The fight scenes were mediocre at best and it’s one of thoe movies that you don’t need to bring your thinking caps on. I’m not too sure what the big deal with Riddick but this might some viewer’s cup of tea. Some cheap humour might lighten the mood and Vin Diesel is as good as he gets playing his role as Riddick. If you don’t mind these kind of gimmicks, you probably enjoy Riddick more than I did. Verdict: 5.5/10 Del Goh 6/10 Rottentomatoes 58%

We’re the Millers. Watching the trailer, I really wanted to catch this comedy flick and I had a feeling that this was gonna be way better than Grown Ups 2 and surprisingly it was way better. I remember rating GU2 with a very low score and it’s quite rare that I gave a poor rating for a comedy. As for We’re The Millers, it was hilarious and I didn’t mind the sillyness of the premise and it was quite refreshing though unrealistic.

This has the potential to be a classic comedy but it’s not one of the best with the ranks of Bridesmaid. But the most important thing is that I truly enjoyed it and the jokes weren’t as dumb and pointless like in GU2. It’s consistently amusing from start to finish but it can get a bit draggy and it’s quite lengthy too for a comedy. Sadly, this movie is banned in Brunei because of some themes that are not appropriate. I was fortunate enough to catch this in Singapore. Verdict: 8/10 Rottentomatoes 47%


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