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Archive for 27/09/2013


Awesome Friday

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Concepts Computer

Click image to enter Concepts Computer Facebook page for updates!


Icon Design Store


Clearance stock at ICON Design Store. Click to enter


 Peugeot 408


 Click image to enter website.



Black Angus at Deals


Click image to enter facebook page


BIBD Barakah 4


Click image to enter website
A Better View

Click image to enter website

New dishes at Yam Yam Sarang


Bomi Oh of Yam Yam Sarang Korean Restaurant with the staff

Have you tried the newly open Korean food joint in Brunei? If you want the best authentic home cook Korean food, you should try Yam Yam Sarang Korean Restaurant. I’m pretty you must have heard of the restaurant previously but now they have relocated at Batu Bersurat.

The pictures below are one of my few visits recently because they just introduced new dishes in their menu and the dishes were great too. Of course, customers are always targeting their famous Yam Yam fried chicken which comes in three flavor (normal, yang-neon and ganging). This can really give a run to most of the fast food outlets out there.

Perhaps one of the best part of this restaurant is the Shik hae (Korean rice drink) which is a home-made drink. It has a sweet distinctive taste and also made from Korean made rice. Well, if you tasted a barley drink, this is somehow much more defined and tastier than barley. I wouldn’t mind ordering two of this on my visit. Oh yeah, did you know this drink takes a few hours to prepare alone? Hence the quality is there and it is also their signature drink.

They have new dishes such as the Gomtang (Thick Beef Soup), So bulgogi jeongol (stew), Chicken Katsu, Sarang udong, Ohingeo soondae (steam squid), Bing-eo tikim (fried pond smelt), Godeungeo dupbap (marinated mackerel with rice in hot stone pot), Mandu Guk (dumpling soup) and many more. Personally I like the Mandu Guk and the Godeungeo dupbap..yummmm!!!!

All I can say that you will be very full and satisfied after having your meal there. You will definitely get your value for money here and the portions are quite reasonable as well. It can get pretty crowded during lunch and dinner sometimes so it’s better to get your reservations too. I shall be posting more pictures of the other dishes in a week or two. For now, enjoy the pictures that I’ve posted.

Yam Yam Sarang Korean Restaurant is located at Batu Bersurat, next to Kang Comfortzone. The Korean restaurant was opened last April 2013 and it’s located at Block J, Unit 6. For reservations, you can call 860 7830.

Shik hae (Korean rice drink) which is a home-made drink and I highly recommend you this drink

Winnie loves the drink too

The appetizers to start with..

One of their famous dishes (rice noodle) has new flavours to it now and it’s spicier than before

I kind love this dish.. Godeungeo dupbap (marinated mackerel with rice in hot stone pot) served with vegetables and Sarang dupbap sauce. Did you know that Mackerel contains high Omega 3 and Vitamin B more than salmon? Interesting

Their trademark Yam Yam Fried Chicken. This isn’t new in the menu but their best selling dishes in the restaurant

Ohingeo soondae (steam squid). It has some stuffing inside the squid too.

Mandu Guk (dumpling soup). Korean traditional style dumpling soup with vegetables and Mandu. This is pretty good stuff!!

Winnie my lunch partner

Bing-eo tikim (fried pond smelt) which is a fried pond smelt, a famous dish during the winter season in Korea. Rich in amino acid and calcium.

Bomi Oh and Mr. Oh of Yam Yam Sarang Korean Restaurant


iPhone 5s restocking at Lara Corp


New stock of iPhone 5s coming later this afternoon – 16G, 32G and 64G at Lara Corp. Price won’t be as stated on apple.com.sg (which is only available by October 2013) but these models are in stock and prices are relatively reasonable. So drop by Lara Corp at Airport Mall


Samurai Beef Burger


Fana devouring the new Samurai burger

The wait is over. Now McDonald’s is serving the much awaited Samurai Burger. It blends well with Sakura McFizz (me likes) and they also have a new special sauce from McDonald’s.

Dk Kemariah Pg Hj Duraman, General Manager of McDonald’s (Brunei) was pretty excited that Samurai burger promotion is in town as this will give more variety for patrons in terms of offerings. For you info, Samurai Burger is made of 100 percent quarter pound beef, grilled to perfection with teriyaki sauce. There is also a special sauce in the burger which gives a distinctive taste.

The Samurai Burger and Sakura McFizz will only be at McDonald’s for a limited time only. You can even have a double dosage of the Samurai Burger (Double Samurai Burger).

The Samurai Burger is sold at $6.50 ala carte and the medium McValue Meal costs $7.60. The double Samurai Burger is $8.20 alone and for the medium McValue Meal, it only costs $10.60 for a limited time only.

The double Samurai Burger

Samurai Burger McValue Meal

The local media enjoying their dosage of Samurai burger

This special sauce is yummy..


Yes, my favourite show is back!!


Modern Family Season 5


Radisson Art Showcase


Radisson Art Showcase until Saturday 28th September<




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