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Ohhh nooo…..

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Ignite your drive!!


It’s good to know that the guest of honour is very aware of how social media is a powerful tool in spreading information and he mentioned in his welcoming remarks during the launch of the Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge (a new refreshing name) this afternoon at the iCentre. Abdul Mutalib, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Communications highlighted how complicated in terms of the issues that can be challenges if social media is used in the wrong way.

“There will always be D.R.U.M.S. ” said the Permanent Secretary, “Distortion, Rumours, Untruth, Misinformation and Smears. The implications of DRUMS can be far-reaching, destabilizing and chaotic. Impacts of such irresponsible use of ICT can also be harmful to vulnerable members of our society, particularly among the youngsters.”

The guest of honour hinted that mobile industry is very ideal for entrepreneurship as they are millions of adaptors of the social media such as instagram, twitter and Whatsapp. He applauded AITI on their research for the Networked Readiness Index (NRI) and Brunei has improved by 12 ranks in 2012 in terms of usage of ICT and also AITI’s latest initiative which is the AITI Inspire Program, funded by the HRD Fund under the National Development (RKN10).

He then shared an example of MeSixty in tapping into mobile apps and he hopes for more companies doing the same. He will look forward to new and intriguing ideas for the Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge 2013.

Guest of honour Abdul Mutalib, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Communications and also the chairman of AITI delivering his welcoming remarks

A book that he recommended (during his speech) for us to read where human interaction is still relevant in our digital world

It was a packed house during the launch

Coming into its sixth consecutive year, the Ignite has evolved tremendously over the years and having built a community of ICT entrepreneurs in the region. This rebrand brings exciting changes to the competition, with the title renamed to ‘Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge’ which puts more focus on bringing in quality business plans.

In his welcoming remark, Brian Koh, director of NUS Enterprise and KR Consulting spoke of how the Ignite has evolved over the past years “from Ignite Business Plan Competition to Ignite Think Big, to Ignite, and now to the Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge – this is not just semantics. It is no longer just a business plan competition, but rather a greater emphasizing on ideas that have been given some commercial validation.”

Among the invited guests was Javed Ahmad, Managing Director of BIBD, High Commissioners, David Kay CEO of Telbru, Haji Osman bin Ladis Deputy Chief Executive of AITI, directors, deputy permanent secretaries and senior government officials.

For Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge this year, iCentre will conduct a two-day bootcamp after the first round of executive summary submission has been carried out. The selected participants will then be entitled to undergo intensive training and provided the toolkit on the know-hows of launching a startup. They will also receive individualized coaching from experienced mentors.

Brian Koh stated that “The bootcamp approach will ensure that participants produce a robust business plan after two intensive days refining their business idea and potential.  This process provides a learning journey beyond the prize money.”

Brian Koh, Director of NUS Enterprise and KR Consulting

Dr Hjh Mona Yati Dato Seri Laila Jasa Hj Mohd Kassim, iCentre’s Manager

Launching Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge

Since its official launching five years, Ignite Business Plan Award 2012 has received a well-response with an increasing submission of business plans over the years. Last year the additional international category was introduced which sees participation from East and West Malaysia and Indonesia.

One of the main sponsors of Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge Award prizes is Innovative Award is Authority for Info-Communications Technology Industry (AITI) including the Most Innovative Award which rewards the participants with the most unique business plan. Universiti Brunei Darussalam is also a sponsor for the college and student category prize award.

iCentre continues its proud tradition of preparing the participants prior to finalizing their business plans before submission by providing workshops to gain insights and groom their entrepreneurial skills.

The total cash prize is just above BND 55,000 and I am remember the first time when it was introduced back in 2008 and it was called Think Big Business Plan Competition and the total cash prize then was only BND 45, 000. The inaugural winners then were Rafiqun WDSI, Expansys Technology (now MeSixty) and Outsource Contact Centre by 24-7 Assist. Ah, those were the days, aye?

If you have the opportunity, do join this competition. I have the privilege to enter the competition a few times and I can tell you that it’s never an easy journey but it builds who you are and your confidence at the same time. So don’t focus too much on winning but gain something that you never knew that you had in you. That is more priceless than anything else.

Good luck, guys!!

The winners in last year’s edition

Winners in the tertiary category last year

The launch of the competition back in 2009. Classic!!


Icon Design Store


New and bigger things at ICON Design Store. Click to enter


Grand Raya Package at Peugeot


Grand Raya Package at Peugoet and promotion ends 15th September. Click image to enter website.



Black Angus at Deals


Click image to enter facebook page


BIBD Barakah 4


Click image to enter website
Royal Brunei Airlines


Click image to enter flyroyalbrunei.com


ANIMASI is back!!


The competition is back!! Last year Hj Khairul of Cinematicpro won the AITI Animasi competition. This year it will be a collaboration between AITI and iCentre with the title “iMMerse Next Innovation and Multimedia Award for Sustainable ICT Industry (ANIMASI)” and it must relate to the Brunei culture and tradition. This is also supported by Brunei Economic Development Board as it involves iMMerse, a series of competition that unveils the talents in the arean of business and IT. So far this is the first edition of iMMerse and it’s no surprise that iCentre’s project iMMerse is being collaborated wtih AITI’s Animasi.

There are two categories: Open and Professional. This is open to citizens and PRs. As for the Professional categories, it is open to established local ICT companies, studios and production houses registered in Brunei.

So what do you have to do? Well, you will be given task to produce a 3D animation clip of up to 60 seconds for open category. For professional category, you can have up to 5 minutes. You can submit in the format of .AVI .MP4 .MOV and don’t forget to include your raw files and footage of the final draft too.

Prizes for Open Category:
First prize: $5,000
Second prize: $3,000
Third prize: $1,000

Prizes for Professional Category:
First prize: $10,000
Second prize: $7,000
Third prize: $3,000

All of the top three will also get one year license to Houdini Apprentice HD from Side Effects Asia Pacific.

Each applicant for the Professional category is allowed two entries, one solely for the company, while the second can be a collaboration with another company. A collaborative entry however, only allows a maximum of two businesses, and only the primary company of the two will be credited and awarded.

There will be workshops as well for 3D animation and it’s highly recommended for participants to attend them. The deadline for the submission is 10th November 11:59pm for Open category and 6th December 4pm for Professional category.

You can download forms for Open here and Profesional Category here.



Charitable contribution from TCY


Teng Chin Ying Motors Sdn Bhd’s Teng Chee How (R) presenting a donation to Masjuwita Hj Abdul Hamid, a representative from the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group during yesterday’s Audi quattro Cup Brunei 2013 Charity Golf Tournament at the RBA Golf Club in Berakas

Golfing in the spirit of charity. It’s not about winning but contribution to society. Last weekend T.C.Y Motors Sdn Bhd, the sole dealer of the Audi Brand, organised the The Audi quattro Cup Brunei 2013 Charity Golf Tournament which ended over the weekend. The prize presentation was held at the RBA Golf Club in Berakas, during which cheques totalling $16,500 were presented to local charity organisations.

Present as the event’s guest of honour was the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Laila Diraja Dato Seri Setia Hj Hazair Hj Abdullah, who awarded the top trophies to the winners of the tournament. Coming in first place were the team of Dato Razak and Pengiran Haji Johari who won the exclusive right to represent Brunei at the World Final in October at the Trump National Golf Club, Los Angeles, USA, in the world’s largest amateur golf tournament. The Runner ups were Pengiran Mohd Joanda and Hj Amir Osman, while the 1st Runner ups were Ali Hj Abd Rahman and Mohd Afiq.

As a charity event, funds raised from all golfers’ registration fees were donated. Mr. Teng Chee How, presented the donations to Pusat Ehsan, the Community Development Department (JAPEM) and the Brunei Breast Cancer group on behalf of T.C.Y Motors.

Pusat Ehsan received $8,250, the Community Development Department (JAPEM) received $4,125 and the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group received $4,125. To date, the event has donated $60,000 in total to local charities and non-governmental organisations since its start in 2010.

Prizes were also given for the nearest to the line hole on hole 18 and nearest to the pin hole on hole’s two, five, 12, 14 and 16 during last week’s tournament.

Donation to Community Development Departmetn under JAPEM

Runner ups were Pengiran Mohd Joanda and Hj Amir Osman



Impact Day 2013


The teams from Deloitte and Daikyo Industrial Gas in a group photo during Impact Day 2013, celebrated yesterday at St George’s School in BSB with the theme, ‘Education and Youth’.

Auditing firm Deloitte Brunei visited St.George’s School in the capital to hold an “Impact Day”, which was aimed at raising environmental awareness and to inspire the students to recycle. It was also a means for their employees to give back to the community as their Corporate Social Responsibility. Daikyo Enviromental Recycling Sdn Bhd collaborated to provide a recycling bin for the school. Smaller bins were also given for individual classrooms.

Around 30 employees joined in the activity. The students were given talks on recycling by Deloitte Supervisor, Zulfariq Zainuddin and also by Daikyo Manager Jeffrey Hung, citing importance of recycling and the environmental impact of the growing waste and rubbish in Brunei.

Deloitte Brunei Audit Manager, Wong Li Len also delivered a talk on the accounting profession and careers that the students can pursue in the future.

A signing ceremony was also held for an Environmental Recycling Agreement between Daikyo Industrial Gas and St George’s School, where the materials collected from recycling would be purchased by Daikyo which would fund school activities.

Deloitte also presented scholarships to St George’s Principal Janidi Jingan, who received them on behalf of the recipients.


Impact Day 2013


The Immigration and National Registration Department hosted a blood donation drive last weekend

The Immigration and National Registration Department hosted a blood donation drive as part of department’s celebration of 55 years in operation. The drive was organised in collaboration with the blood bank of the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital, and is held annually as a community initiative to help raise reserve levels of blood.

About 46 civil servants and members of the public rolled up their sleeves to contribute to a blood donation drive, which included the Senior Chief of the National Registration Department, Hj Sofri Hj Abidin.

The drive was organised by the Senior National Registration Officer, Ampuan Azami Ampuan Hussin. All the donors were given pins from the Immigration and National Registration Department to commemorate their donation and the occasion.







Thank you, Scott!!

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

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Grand Raya Package at Peugeot


Grand Raya Package at Peugoet and promotion ends 15th September. Click image to enter website.



BIBD Barakah 4


Click image to enter website
Royal Brunei Airlines


Click image to enter flyroyalbrunei.com


Scott Cassell, an inspirational icon


His Majesty the Sultan met Scott Cassell, Luminox brand ambassador last night. You can read more from today’s Borneo Bulletin.

I’m super inspired by Scott Cassell. Someone who was foreign to Brunei a few days ago and now he has become one of the most talked icon in Brunei right now. I feel grateful that he’s currently being invited to Brunei under the flagship of Luminox and yes, he’s also the Luminox brand ambassador and he was chosen to be one because of his passion and dedication to preserve the dying ocean. Yes, as we speak the ocean’s resources are depleting because of many factors and the only people that can help to overcome this problem is “us”, no else because we are the hosts of the earth.

I attended the press conference yesterday and this morning, I learned more about Scott during his short visit to ISB students during the assembly and he’s such a perfect role model for students in spreading the awareness of our ocean and the marine life. It was a great sight to see students raising up their hands during the Q&A session but sadly time didn’t permit Scott to attend all the questions.

I truly agree with what Scott said. Teachers are the most important tool in this process of awareness because they are the ones educating the students and the public on how to conserve the ocean resources. Did you know that the oxygen we breathe that the ocean produces 51% of it? That’s how important the ocean is to our ever growing population.

He was also proud that ISB is a school that is very concerned with environment and this is one reason why Scott handed two Luminox watches to ISB as a token of appreciation for ISB’s green and environmental initiative.

Perhaps the highlight for Scott Cassell was the privilege to have an audience with His Majesty the Sultan last night at the Officer’s Mess of Bolkiah Garrison and Scott applauded the monarch for the “heroic act” where Brunei is the first country in the world to ban shark fishing and the sale of shark related items.

Scott Cassell was in ISB, giving an inspiring talk to the students this morning. Scott taking a group photo withe Eco team of ISB

Scott in his Luminox suit attire

Students from ISB were inspired by his talk

I wasn’t far from this kid and wow, he was raising his hand up all the time and his persistence paid off. I see a bright future for this kid and a great question too.

Executive Principal of ISB receiving two Luminox watches from Scott Cassell and Luminox team

ISB senior students singing You Raise Me Up to conclude the assembly

Group photo with new fans of Scott

Scott signing on the cast

A huge turnout at the Scott Cassell’s talk this morning at ISB

Scott was also impressed with the coral reefs that Brunei has and to say that Brunei is an “undiscovered country” is an honour. Brunei has shown the leadership that other countries should follow and Scott quoted that the beauty of Brunei underwater represents the beauty of the people of Brunei and salute Bruneians the courage to protect the marine life.

He discovered that the Abana Reef in Brunei was the best he has seen in the past 30 years and he had the privilege to experience it with the Minister of Industry and Primary Resources last Sunday during their dive expedition. Scott said from his findings that no algae can be found and there is less than 2% of coral bleaching. This shows that our water has lack of pollution.

To answer why Scott uses the Luminox for his dive trips and expeditions: This is because the watch is very durable and light and the best part is the light glow on the numbers and the hand clock. It has a 25 years of continuous glow and you don’t need external light source to make it glow too. Another reason why Scott’s favourite is the Luminox is because it’s a good-feel watch.

Sometimes when things don’t go his way or if he feels slightly moody, the Luminox watch doesn’t seem to bring his energy down. He was already in love with the Luminox way before he was appointed the brand ambassador. So with the power of Google and Luminox’s vision of conserving the ocean, Scott was offered to be the ambassador for Luminox.

He will be off to Tioman Island with Luminox team from Singapore and also following the crew will be Aziz Idris of Borneo Bulletin (luck you). Thank Scott Cassell for making a good impression of Brunei and also it was honour to have met you personally. I hope next year ISB BGIC will invite you as a speaker because he’s truly an inspirational icon for the environment 😀

Thank you to Luminox team, MIPR, Brunei Tourism, Poni Divers, Aziz and Dean from Borneo Bulletin and my reporter Aliya for helping out on this coverage. There will one more posting on Scott Cassell later this week.

One of the reasons to own a Luminox watch

At yesterday’s press conference with the local and foreign media

Scott Cassell with the management of Brunei Press

I was asking Scott about his own design Luminox watch

Scott pointed out his favourite Luminox

Now which one should I have? Hmmmm.. I love the orange though.

With Pamela Tan of Crystal Time, distributor for Luminox brand. Click image to know more about Luminox.


“Jong Sarat” by SAB FIVE FIVE


Sabrina Wong of L’Orient with her latest line from SAB FIVE FIVE “Jong Sarat”. This is such a great combination of modern and culture wear.

Fashion designer Sabrina Wong has created a fusion of fashion, using local fabrics in modern designs for a unique collection that will be presented at the China ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) in Nanning Guangxi on the 4th September.

The SAB FIVE FIVE “Jong Sarat” Collection is the first collection to feature the Brunei traditional Tenunan fabric. Sabrina used the different features of the fabric as embellished details for pockets and collars.

Invited by the China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat, Sabrina will represent Brunei in the Fashion Mix culture event, an event to showcase ASEAN and China costumes and highlight the distinctive culture of all 11 countries. She will be accompanied by her husband during the trip to bring the 12 piece collection to the International stage.

According to a press release, the Secretariat requested the collections to be modern, but also feature the characteristics and culture of the Sultanate.

The event, jointly organised by NSR (New Silk Road) model agency in China and the China-Asean Secretariat, will be an opportunity for Sabrina to present the Brunei culture at its best and demonstrate the high quality of handicraft in Brunei by infusing the Tenunan into current fashion trends.

Having established her own label in Brunei and Australia since 2005, Sabrina is known to have loyal customers largely due to her personal attention and service. Her designs have attracted customers from as far as the United States, and during the recent fashion showcase, she was visited by friends and business contacts, as well as representatives from MIPR and BEDB to show their support for the flourishing designer.

L’Orient is located on the ground floor of Kiulap Complex in Kg Kiulap. For enquiries, the shop can be reached at 2239988.

Another Jong Sarat design

Another Jong Sarat design

Sabrina showing her latest design to Fizah under MIPR

Sabrina with her invited guests during the launch of her new product line. Congratulations Sabrina and good luck in Nanning 😀




Scott gives thumbs up to Brunei reefs

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Royal Brunei Airlines


Click image to enter flyroyalbrunei.com


Scott Cassell impressed with Brunei’s reefs


Guess who’s in town? Scott Cassell who is wildly known as a an ocean environmentalist and Scott is also the Luminox brand ambassador. He’s currently in Brunei for the Luminox “Save the Seas” programme and his previous trip was in Singapore.

So why is he in Brunei? He dived yesterday at Abana Reef of Brunei waters and leading the diving experience was the guest of honour Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Utama Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Yahya bin Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Haji Bakar, Minister of Industry and Primary Resources.

Scott was impressed with the coral system at Abana Reef and according to the interview, the particular reef is almost pristine and the corals are very healthy and he even claimed that this is the nicest reef system left on the planet. Wow!! Coming from Scott himself is an honour and well done to Brunei in preserving the coral system which is also ideal for diving tourism.

Perhaps one thing that Scott was impressed is Brunei’s new law announced by Pehin Yahya on the banning of fishing of all shark species and sale of any of its parts and Scott labeled the move as an “heroic act”.

A bit about his background – Scott is a principal investigator of the Humboldt squid in the USA, he has-a very keen interest in studying ocean eco-systems and how human-based factors, such as global climate change, the fishing industry and tourism development, are shifting ecosystem dynamics.

I shall be interviewing later and see more of what he has discovered about the marine life in Brunei. It’s a privilege to know that a renowned diver such as Scott Cassell himself is in Brunei. Let’s hope his presence can help raise the awareness on our marine ecosystems and preserve it.

Images below are courtesy of Dean Kassim of Borneo Bulletin.

Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Utama Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Yahya bin Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Haji Bakar, Minister of Industry and Primary Resources leading Scott Cassell, Luminox brand ambassador, an ocean environmentalist

Pehin Yahya sharing a moment with Scott

Being interviewed by the media on their diving experience at Abana Reef

Group photo with the divers

Scott Cassell, Luminox brand ambassador


Yes, 42KM will mark its debut


BIBD Charity Expedition is back!! Click image to enter website

BIBD last weekend launched the website and opened the online registration process for the 2013 edition of the BIBD Charity Expedition (CE) for its ALAF initiative at a press conference event held in the capital. Present at the launch was Hjh Nurul Akmar binti Hj Mohd Jaafar, Deputy Head of Consumer Banking cum Head of BIBD’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative amongst other senior officers from BIBD. Also in attendance to witness the launch was Pg Hjh Sarah Pg Hj Kamaluddin, Director General at the Ministry of Education, on behalf of the ministry as the main partner of the ALAF Programme.

The website for the CE-ALAF, www.bibdcharityexpedition.com, was launched with its new look whilst incorporating BIBD’s new image that highlights uniquely Bruneian values while signifying the Bruneian and Islamic visual canvas. The new tagline, “Bruneian at Heart”, aligns well with BIBD’s CSR objectives as it highlights BIBD’s commitment to the Bruneian aspiration and values, as well as its roots in Bruneian and Islamic ideals and the social well-being of the public. .

The event also included the launch of the registration for CE-ALAF, which can be completed and paid for via the CE-ALAF website, entitling participants to receive a 5% discount off the registration fee when performing their registration online. This is part of the incentive to encourage participants to register online. The online registration of BIBD’s CE-ALAF can be performed at www.bibd.com.bn. Ahmad Nazmie Hj Omar, Project Manager for CE-ALAF presented the run-through of the event.

Downloadable forms will be provided to the public at a later date, which will allow for payment at any of BIBD’s channels such as the BIBD Online, BIBD Mobile or at all BIBD ATMs and CDMs. Forms can be then placed into BIBD Charity Expedition drop-off boxes, to be placed later on at respective branches. The closing date for all registrations, which includes fee payments and form submissions, will be on the 24th of October 2013. .

The event also included a presentation of this year’s BIBD CE-ALAF event, showcasing new routes, prizes and a new category along with a Charity Bazaar. This year’s CE- ALAF will be held on November 24th at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium. It will feature five different sporting events: a competitive 21 and 10 kilometer race along with non-competitive races of 5km and 2.5km along with a 40km Cycling Expedition and the newly introduced 42km, a full marathon run. BIBD would also like to inform the public that prayer tents will be provided for Subuh Prayers. .

The 42km run, dubbed the ‘BIBD Midnight Marathon,’ represents a unique addition to the event roster as it represents a more goal-oriented segment for contributions towards the ALAF Programme, whereby only a group of 25 participants will be selected from an open registration system to all interested locals. The registration for this category of the BIBD CE-ALAF is only available on the website for a period of two weeks, and selected participants will be chosen via an internal selection process, which requires the participants to answer a short question; “Why do you want to run the marathon for the BIBD CE-ALAF?”.

Selected participants will be notified and their details posted on the BIBD CE-ALAF website, where only then will they be charged the actual registration fee, whilst the remaining group will be prompted to join the other categories on offer. Furthermore, the selected participants will be trained by professional coaches to help them in their preparations to be mentally and physically fit for the 42km run, which includes controlling their diet, run clinics and others. .

The signing ceremony for BIBD CE-ALAF with the partners and sponsors

Another unique element to the marathon is where the selected participants will be allowed to run a sponsorship programme , whereby his own choice of sponsors from corporate organizations or individuals will sponsor his every kilometre, and their profiles will be posted on the BIBD CE-ALAF official website for potential sponsors to view. This creates a pledge by these sponsors to agree to donate a certain amount of funds according to each kilometer accomplished by their sponsored runner. .

On the other hand, the competitive races provide participants a chance to win cash prizes of up to BND 2,000 along with tickets and accommodation packages to Singapore. First, second and third prize winners will also receive an exclusive winners’ T-Shirt, together with winning medals. The public is urged to perform their registration quickly, as a finite number of participants will be allowed to collectively join this year’s CE-ALAF. .

Hjh Nurul Akmar commented during the launch, “Alhamdulilah, we are able to host another fund raising event for those who are in need along, especially with more partners helping to build on the capabilities of last year to deliver a better CE-ALAF for the public”. She continued to add, “InsyaAllah, this year we will all be able to raise more funds and awareness to ultimately help contribute to ALAF, to create more opportunities to underprivileged children to have access to better education opportunities”. .

There will also be official CE-ALAF merchandise for sale at the Charity Bazaar, to further boost donations for the ALAF fund. On the day of the event, BIBD CE-ALAF coupons will be available for purchase on the day at a rate of B$1 for every coupon, to be used at all the participating vendors at the Charity Bazaar as the official currency of the event. A part of the proceeds from bazaar fees and sales will be also channeled .

Kevin Lau, General Manager of Aewon Garment and Embroidery with Hjh Nurul Akmar binti Hj Mohd Jaafar, Deputy Head of Consumer Banking cum Head of BIBD’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Pg Hjh Mariam Pg Bendahara Pg Muda Hj Hashim from Superwater Marketing Sdn Bhd with Hjh Nurul Akmar binti Hj Mohd Jaafar

AdXpert Marketing Operation Manager Carmen Lee with Hjh Nurul Akmar binti Hj Mohd Jaafar

This year’s CE-ALAF will see BIBD partner with Brunei Press, Cityneon, Aewon, AdXpert, Superwater marketing, Dsignku and Ezy Printing & Services to ensure the success of this year’s BIBD CE-ALAF event, along with Singaporean companies Drummond Printing and Active Networks. The cooperation between these companies and BIBD for the event was sealed at a MoU signing ceremony, which followed after the BIBD CE-ALAF website and registration launch. .

On hand on behalf of their respective companies to sign the MoU were Cityneon Brunei Managing Director Dato’ Ting Jack Chai, Aewon Garment and Embroidery General Manager Kevin Lau, Adxpert Marketing Operation Manager Carmen Lee, Dsignku Enterprise Creative Director Md Nur Muizz’ Azmi and Superwater Marketing Sdn Bhd representative Pg Hjh Mariam Pg Bendahara Pg Muda Hj Hashim. Other organizations wishing to partner with BIBD for support of CE-ALAF are still welcomed to come join and participate. .

The CE is one of the fund-raising activities under the ALAF initiative. ALAF, short for “Advocating Life-Long Learning for an Aspiring Future”, is BIBD’s flagship CSR programme. The CE, held for the second year running, builds on last year’s success with roughly 6,000 participants, and raising a humbling B$ 330,000, an illustration of Bruneians as a caring society. This year, round 700 volunteers are also expected to join this event to ensure the overall management of the event will be InsyaAllah efficient and smooth. .

Group photo with the sponsors and supports with BIBD SCR team

Launched earlier in the year, the ALAF initiative is an extension of BIBD’s contribution towards its strong belief in the importance of early childhood education as the underlying core for everyone, in support of His Majesty’s 2035 vision of obtaining a 100% level of education to everyone. ALAF is an initiative that seeks to support the nation’s aspirations to building a well-educated and highly skilled human resource pool by providing opportunities of educational progression to underprivileged students. .

Insya’Allah, through this initiative towards for support of education, BIBD in partnership with Ministry of Education, is able to contribute towards providing a more substantial impact on the building of our nation, leading Brunei towards a more prosperous and peaceful future with a generation of highly educated and skillful and successful Bruneians. .

For further information regarding or any enquiries on becoming a partner of BIBD’s CE- ALAF, visit their homepage at www.bibdcharityexpedition.com, email the BIBD CE- ALAF team at info@bibdcharityexpedition.com or call the BIBD CE-ALAF hotline at +673 8222110 .




Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar 2013


“I Care, You Care, We Care”.. That’s the message from Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar 2013 that took place at the Jubilee Park which was officially launched by Her Royal Highness Princess Fadzillah Lubabul Bolkiah and today will be the final day for the charity bazaar. There will be tons of events to look forward to and just check out the poster below.

There are more than 80 booths and you can enjoy wide varieties of food and beverages and of course, activities. As usual, there will be lucky draw for visitors and you can stand a chance to win fantastic prizes. The one that caught my eye is the GoPro Hero edition. Though it’s not the first prize but it’s a gadget that many would love to have.

Zumba happened this morning and it was such an energetic morning according to the feeds on my instagram. Sadly, I’m outstation once more and not able to cover the event at Jubilee Park but thanks to Wanee and the power of instagram, I’m able to extract some stories from the event. Woohooo..

So if you have nothing to do on a Sunday, this is one of the places to go. And plus you’ll be doing it for a good cause.

Her Royal Highness Princess Fadzillah Lubabul Bolkiah launching the event yesterday. Image courtesy of Wanee

Guests at the launch yesterday

Want some facing painting? Image taken from @pusat_ehsan’s instagram

Strike a pose and get on cam

WCOPA guys are also supporting the cause

Registration still open until 11ish am this morning. Hurry!!

One of the lucky draw prizes.. Awesome!!!

Susan at her best – Zumba-ing

Check out the activities today at the Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar


What did I get up to?


I was at the Singapore Toy Games Comic Convention. Let’s just say that it’s the Singapore version of ComicCon. This image can be misleading in many ways.

The Asian version of Logan. Longan? Rogan? Alan?

The Hunger Games represent….

Dr. Freeze.. I salute this guy for his effort

Ok, this picture doesn’t do justice. This was taken last night at Pitbull concert.. Rock on!! More pictures soon and you can some videos on instagram soon 😀





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