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Beoplay A6

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Beoplay A6 now available at Bang & Olufsen showroom at Sejalin Living (Kiarong)

The fabric cloth feel for the sleeve of theBeoplay A6. It can be changed and it will be additional cost

I’ve mentioned of the Bang & Olufsen A1 speaker before. Today I’m gonna do a shout out another Bang & Olufsen speaker and that is the A6. Yes, it’s a premium one point music system with a well balanced sound Profile designed to fill the entire room with a wide-staged sound. I really like the intuitive of the functions of the A6. A gentle touch on the key panels and you are ready to go. The design shapes like a boomerang and slim enough to carry under your arm. Even the sleeves are interchangeable (you have customised sleeves or other designs).

The ease of connectivity is a huge plus especially to your mobile devices. I tested it out the other day at Bang & Olufsen showroom at at Sejalin Living (near Kiarong Complex) and the connection was seamless. You can place it at anywhere in the room and still enjoy the impact of the speaker. It did fill up all corners of the rooms. Awesome!

If you are searching online for portable, wireless speakers and you have the budget, then the wise choice will be the beoplay A6. I can guarantee you that you will be fully satisfied with this purchase. The richness of the sound will tease you and it will make you appreciate more how good the beoplay A6 is.

In a nutshell, the beoplay A6 packs a punch with clear, expressive sound and it has vast functionality. And of course, it has a style and elegance.

You can visit the B&O showroom at Sejalin Living (near Kiarong Complex). You can check out their Facebook Page or you can call them at 242 0166



The touch control panel of the Beoplay A6

A gentle touch is all you need

This is how the inside looks like

The A6 with the Beoplay A9


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