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FZ Holiday Camp

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Happy Campers during the FZ Summer Camp

Fitness Zone is organizing the FZ Holiday Camp 2018, a fun and exciting multi-disciplinary holiday camp experience where participants can develop their skills in sports, dance as well as the creative arts. Open to participants between ages 5 to 15, the holiday camp will run from 27 November to 16 December.

Fitness Zone introduced a similar programme in July this year, whereby campers got the chance to try out different sports as well as join classes in baking, dance, music and art. The upcoming FZ Holiday Camp will include a new component which is creative writing and storytelling. Another addition is the progression-type classes where campers will be able to focus on developing specific skills of their choice.

The integrated approach to the programme during the FZ Holiday Camp gives each participant the chance to try something new and have fun discovering their talents while also engaging their bodies and minds. The daily programme is arranged in a way that there will be up to four different types of classes, which allows campers to get physically active, play in teams and harness their creativity.

“Our children’s mental health is more important than their grades. Through these initiatives, we want to promote social interaction that leads to them having confidence in themselves,” said Wu Chun, Managing Director of Fitness Zone. “Let’s remember it’s better to build a child than to try to repair an adult,” he added.

The Fitness Zone Holiday Camp 2018 is a collaboration with OMNI Sports International, Jo Art Gallery, Yippy Tunes, The Energy Kitchen and Heartwrite Co.

During the three-week camp, participants will be able to choose between participating on a walk-in basis or get 3-day, 5-day or 7-days packages.

For the schedule and registration, visit tinyurl.com/FZHolidayCamp or call 8199301.



Creatively engaged with art classes at Jo Art Gallery

Yippy Tunes offering vocal and music classes

OMNI Sports offering various types of sports to children

Baking as well at Energy Kitchen

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