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Day 2. Social Media Purge.

Written by Rano Iskandar on . Posted in Social News


So this is the status notification right now after Day 2. A friend of mine is currently on a 3-day social media purge but subconsciously entered her IG app and realized quickly. I would have done the same if the app is still conveniently appearing on the main page. I switched off all notifications and shifted all my social media app to a specific folder. It does help 😀

Thanks Joanne for the email. It was my first email from a friend after she found out about my social media purge. Sometimes it’s great to receive a personal email. I wonder if any of you even do send snail mails to a friend or family.

I hardly catch the NBA on Astro but it was Lakers (LeBron) vs Golden States (Curry). It was a good win for Lakers but at a cost as LeBron was forced out of the game in the third quarter. Oh yea, I either tune in to sports or movies or news channel on my Astro.

Did you know I always read the papers every single morning? It’s been my habit for decades now. I was reading upon this article yesterday and suddenly I remembered this tragic accident which was back in 2011.

Ah, the dangers of social media. I don’t even know what’s going in the social media world for now and ironically I have to read on the papers to find out what’s happening in the social media scene.


I am big fan of this game (Words with Friends) and my friend Shazali has been edging me on a few rounds :p At least something to keep my mind busy during this detox period and challenge my brain cells.

Yes, thank you, The Mall Cineplex, for making this movie possible. The box office Taiwanese movie – More Than Blue will be screened starting today and I have caught it in Singapore last week and I highly recommend it. Definitely catching this again.

This happened to be on HBO and I had to go through this ordeal and wonder what was going through Michael Bay’s mind when he directed all the Transformers movies. They were all pretty bad except for the first movie. I am so glad that Hasbro has taken a new step by rebooting the franchise and came up with a spectacular Bumblebee movie.

Some of my afternoons are taken by tennis sessions. Yesterday was a good quick session. By the way, Kevin Lau joked that he couldn’t reach me on the phone and SMS and hinted that I should get back on Whatsapp and Instagram LOL. He even created a stipulation that if I lost to Minul that I should come back to Whatsapp and IG.

I had the privilege to be part of Jason Rumpun’s The Bleacher Seat where we talked about the English Premier League and the Fantasy Premier League too. It was nice to see Abu (left) whom I haven’t not seen for ages. He was on a high mood because of Manchester United’s revival under new manager Ole.


I caught Aquaman for the second time. RC thought the movie was epic, only to be flawed by some layers of cheesiness :p She gave it a 7/10

Thank you, RC and Auntie C, for the souvenirs. Can’t wait to try authentic mochi from Japan 😀

I finished my night watching Box Day Premier League and happy to see Liverpool chalking another victory and now lead the League by 6 points. Many questioned of Van Dijk’s signing last season which costed Liverpool 75 million pounds and now they would understand why Liverpool only leaked 7 goals so far in the past 19 games. Amazing!!

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