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Rano360.com » Day 9. Social Media Purge. Almost there.

Day 9. Social Media Purge. Almost there.

Written by Rano Iskandar on . Posted in Social News


Headlines in yesterday’s paper. Seems that the bonus month is a good time to conduct roadblocks. 500 offences in just a week is quite high. Another headline is the tragedy at the beach where two persons were reported missing after being swept away by the strong currents. I’ve seen this situation with my own eyes two years ago and it was terrifying. We need more proper signage to make it explicit to beach goers on the dangers swimming at the beach.


Angela accompanying her dad while we had a quick meeting at Papparich. I am quite amazed how she caught up with speaking as she was a late bloomer. A smart kid indeed 😀


Day 9. Can you imagine if I were to simply stop social media for good, how would I take it? It’s something I couldn’t imagine for now. It’s easier to give up on Maggi Curry (or instant noodles) but social media is a different league. It’s the root of all addiction and I have to admit that I am of them. 20% of the usage of social media is attributed to my work for my clienteles but the remaining 80% usage involves viewing personal stories, being updated of other people’s life, stalking, liking, sharing “interesting” stories through WhatsApp and the list just goes on and on. It’s embedded in every one of us and because it has become a culture and a lifestyle, it becomes a norm and we don’t see anything negative about it unless one crosses the line.

I don’t how I am gonna take it once I enter the social media life this Sunday by 12pm. Will I view it differently than before? Will I be less proactive than before? Will I be concerned about my drop in ratings and impressions? I mean, will these numbers or figures matter to me? It is hard to say until it really happens and only from my own experience, I am able to feel and think after a 12 day hiatus. I am very happy and honoured that a few of my friends did their own 3-day purge in supporting my good cause. Thank you, Reuben, Amran, Pranika, Nabil, Brendan and Ruby to name a few.

Now, how was my 2nd day of 2019? I feel more recharged after a good long rest. My thoughts became lighter and I feel blessed to still be in a healthy condition though I have to wait what the doctor will say about my recent blood sample (Wish me luck tomorrow). I know for sure my blood pressure is still borderline because I haven’t been taking care of my diet. I still eat healthy stuff but it is still being outweighed by the unhealthy ones.

I have also received an email for an invitation to Taiwan. It does clash with the upcoming Consumer Fair. The former seems to entice me more since it’s a travel/working trip. I have turned down a few flying trips last year due to work commitments. Maybe this time round it will be tougher to turn especially to a country that I don’t mind traveling to. So far, it’s an 80/20 likelihood I will accept the offer.

So how was your first two days of 2019? Let’s hope it’s a good start to an amazing year.



Lewis showed me his new gadget he bought from Singapore – Hypervolt. It’s a portable device that vibrates and helps to massage your muscles. It’s pretty heavy and it costs around 500ish. This might be ideal for those who works out a lot.


I managed to finally complete an hour recording of our Favourite Movies of 2018. My special guest this time is Del Goh. Do check out Progresif Radio next week for our Podcast recording. You’ll be surprised what’s my number one movie of 2018.


Ruby trying to remember how to set up the balls and she did it. A much improved player than she was weeks ago. You’re one fast learner, my friend. Safwan, beware!!!



A card game that I was getting to be familiar with – Monopoly Deal. However, Ruby is unbeatable in this one.


My first time trying out the cendol at M-Strike and one of the best sellers too.


We saw this mixer at Wise Generation outlet at Setia Kenangan II and it costs more than $15,000 if I’m not mistaken. A few nice kitchen ware here and tons of choices to look at. I’m definitely check this store out again for my cooking materials.


We had a pitstop at Potters too. They have discounts from 20% to 40% until 13th February. A few items also caught my eyes.


Ruby finally catching up on my blog entries and she was shocked with the statistics I shared about my social media usage per week.



Before midnight, we were preparing for a surprise for our birthday friend. It was 90% success.


Happy birthday, Pranika and I hope you enjoy the rest of the day!!!


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