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Day 7. Social Media Purge.

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Nothing much to update on the final day on 2018. I was charing my joy con for Switch for the small gathering. I wanted to buy Just Dance 2019 for Switch but sadly, I didn’t have time to do so.

I had my final tennis session with my buddies. Minul didn’t show up because he thought it was raining since he was caught in the rain at Gadong. See you all in 2019 😀

Day 7. YEESSS, I survived for a week so far. There has been any drastic change in my habits or feelings. I did feel lighter than usual in terms of not bothering about social media. It’s such an anti-climatic day since it was the final day of 2018. This was the day I started to slow reflect what has happened in 2018 and having that rewind button on your head can take a toll on me. Furthermore, I couldn’t rely my flashbacks by going through my IG feed. Hence, I had to jog my memory on my highlights of 2018.

I didn’t do much on the Day 7 but more preparing on a small gathering at my place. A simple one and a pretty last minute one. So let’s go quickly on my top picks or highlights of 2018.

1) Maggi Purge Challenge. The first ever challenge that changed my personality, fighting one of my biggest addiction – instant noodles. It has been more than a year now and I don’t even crave for Maggi 😀
2) My Nepal Trip. At first, I was skeptical because I have never been to Nepal and loads of uncertain thoughts in my head. It turned out the other way. I truly love Nepal especially Thamel and Pokhara. There are still cities I have yet to explore. The best travel trip so far this year and I will make my plans to go again in 2020.
3) Cuckoo Trip to Seoul. This was early in March with a bunch of social media friends and the local media. I really had a great time, visiting the Cuckoo factories and also sight seeing in Busan and Seoul. I think it was kudos to the ground handlers and also Hui Ting for taking care of us and the awesome hospitality since Day 1. I hope for another trip again to Seoul.
4) Grabbing a podium finish in Toastmasters. It was the first time I received a Toastmasters trophy at Area Level. After competing numerous times over a span of 4 years, I inched my way to the top three for both International Speech and Table Topics. Let’s see what this year brings for me.
5) _ _ E. I have known this friend for a few years already but it was only this year, things started to gel and we simply had a lot in common and interests. I know it’s cliche but you’re a gift to this wonderful friendship and bond we have. It’s a great reminder that to not take things for granted or lightly. For more adventures and excitement in 2019. Thank you for being such an amazing friend.
6) Social Media Purge. Of course!!! This is maybe the best highlight of 2018 and the toughest challenge to date. To not access Whatsapp, Facebook and most of all, Instagram. A few weeks ago, this was just a thought in my head if I could pull this off. Today, it’s a reality and I am very proud that I can do without social media. I shall be back soon.

So these are my quick bits on my highlights of 2018. Let’s hope for a much prosperous year ahead and Happy New Year to all my friends, families and readers. You all have been super awesome and thank you for reading my updates.



One of my favourite board games and even the newcomers love Werewolf


So we played Werewolf, Telestration and Cards Against Humanity


Thanks guys for coming last Monday


We had a bit of karaoke for some entertainment on New Year’s Eve


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