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Rano360.com » Day 11. Social Media Purge. The end is near.

Day 11. Social Media Purge. The end is near.

Written by Rano Iskandar on . Posted in Social News


It’s time of the year again where Bruneians look forward to. The only event that can easily attract thousands over the span of five days. This was the signing ceremony with the partners of the upcoming 22nd Consumer Fair at D’Sunlit office yesterday.

Day 11. 48 hours more to go. I still feel that I haven’t achieved much in terms of my productivity level. I blame netflixing and my mobile games for sure. I have to be productive or maybe that could be another challenge of its own. Yea, maybe that could be a new challenge – doing something different each day for two weeks. Maybe I can take up ballet or dancing. Ok, maybe not the former but yea, it would be nice to do something that I have never tried before. I mean, cooking was fun and I have been doing some cooking of my own during the social media purge.

I am also thinking if I will be blogging again full time like I used to. It’s kinda fun when you can express and pour your thoughts and share it with people. That was what Ranoadidas was built for when it started – to share the fun and the joy of my everyday life and that’s what made what it is today. You know what, maybe I will still continue to blog in this manner even after the social media purge. This year will be my 18 years of blogging. My blog is an adult.. Woohoo…

Yesterday, I attended the signing ceremony of the 22nd Consumer Fair and I am very fortunate to always partner with D’Sunlit with the Consumer Fair since Day 1. This time the theme will relate to family – there will be four characters, Babah, Babu, Boboi and Alai, and it’s basically a story of them shopping wisely during the Consumer Fair. There will be a RUSH HOUR shopping spree where customers can enjoy huge discounts for only ONE hour at a specific time. It reminds me of how Singapore conducted their IT fairs where they have crazy sales for an 1 hour to entice buyers.

I want to jog but my jogging partner had last minute changes. Then again, I shouldn’t make that as an excuse. I should be more motivated to do it for myself. Soon, Rano, soon. Well, at least, the night ended up quite productive as we had a toastmasters dinner at Rizqun International Hotel. It was great to kick off the year with the Brunei Advanced Speakers Club meeting as the rest of the toastmasters clubs will only be back next week.

This is Rano Iskandar, signing off and have a great weekend, peeps!!!


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