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What do I miss?

Written by Rano Iskandar on . Posted in Social News

I miss feeling carefree.

I miss my boarding school days (Australia).

I miss my first ever car (BMW 3 series).

I miss the old house at Tungku Link. 

I miss long conversation on the landline.

I miss wearing Nike (not).

I miss my thick hair.

I miss watching movies on VHS. 

I miss rewinding cassette tapes with a pencil.

I miss my late sister.

I miss the 90s of Singapore. 

I miss playing arcade games at Trocadero.

I miss watching movies at Paragon IMAX.

I miss my high school mates.

I miss having dinner time with family at home. 

I miss watching Top of the Pops.

I miss my late godmother. 

I miss blogging.

I miss traveling abroad. 

I miss chatting on MiRC and MSN. 

I miss my first ever SLR camera which got stolen.

I miss my high school faction R-Express. 

I miss my basketball team RA Rockettes.

I miss my mom’s driving antics.

I miss traveling with my family and cousins to the UK. 

I miss the watching concerts in Brunei. 

I miss Yaohan.

I miss my old hobby – comics.

I miss my student life at University of Queensland. 

I miss writing letters and postcards. 

I miss my years at Sunway College. 

I miss playing football for my house team, Perry, in Australia. 

I miss walking at Orchard Road. 

I miss playing Winning Eleven on PS2. 

I miss shopping at Unitek. 

I miss renting videos from Popeye. 

I miss traveling for toastmasters events.

I miss Japan.

I miss Singapore even more.

I miss my Reebok pumps.

I miss my MJ thriller jacket. 

I miss attending Grand Prix events.

I miss the Motorala (brick) phone.

I miss drawing comic characters in pencil.

I miss eating my rice with banana or mango.

I miss the family bike ride in the middle of the night. 

I miss my wall of pin-up posters of pop artists of 80s.

I miss my Dr. Marten’s shoes. 

I miss the sound of dial-up modems.

I miss watching movies on Laser Disc.

I miss sleeping in my mom’s room during my teen years.

I miss last minute revision for exams. 

I miss the RA6 during our carefree days. 

I miss the cinema in Bandar.

I miss the banking presence of HSBC.

I miss the 90s of the Jerudong Park playground.

I miss making drinks at CBTL. 

I miss listening to Capital FM. 

I miss my childhood days at Darul Hana.

I miss playing cricket in Australia.

I miss the tram rides in Australia.

To be continued….. 

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