Day 9. Social Media Purge. Almost there.

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Headlines in yesterday’s paper. Seems that the bonus month is a good time to conduct roadblocks. 500 offences in just a week is quite high. Another headline is the tragedy at the beach where two persons were reported missing after being swept away by the strong currents. I’ve seen this situation with my own eyes two years ago and it was terrifying. We need more proper signage to make it explicit to beach goers on the dangers swimming at the beach.


Angela accompanying her dad while we had a quick meeting at Papparich. I am quite amazed how she caught up with speaking as she was a late bloomer. A smart kid indeed 😀


Day 9. Can you imagine if I were to simply stop social media for good, how would I take it? It’s something I couldn’t imagine for now. It’s easier to give up on Maggi Curry (or instant noodles) but social media is a different league. It’s the root of all addiction and I have to admit that I am of them. 20% of the usage of social media is attributed to my work for my clienteles but the remaining 80% usage involves viewing personal stories, being updated of other people’s life, stalking, liking, sharing “interesting” stories through WhatsApp and the list just goes on and on. It’s embedded in every one of us and because it has become a culture and a lifestyle, it becomes a norm and we don’t see anything negative about it unless one crosses the line.

I don’t how I am gonna take it once I enter the social media life this Sunday by 12pm. Will I view it differently than before? Will I be less proactive than before? Will I be concerned about my drop in ratings and impressions? I mean, will these numbers or figures matter to me? It is hard to say until it really happens and only from my own experience, I am able to feel and think after a 12 day hiatus. I am very happy and honoured that a few of my friends did their own 3-day purge in supporting my good cause. Thank you, Reuben, Amran, Pranika, Nabil, Brendan and Ruby to name a few.

Now, how was my 2nd day of 2019? I feel more recharged after a good long rest. My thoughts became lighter and I feel blessed to still be in a healthy condition though I have to wait what the doctor will say about my recent blood sample (Wish me luck tomorrow). I know for sure my blood pressure is still borderline because I haven’t been taking care of my diet. I still eat healthy stuff but it is still being outweighed by the unhealthy ones.

I have also received an email for an invitation to Taiwan. It does clash with the upcoming Consumer Fair. The former seems to entice me more since it’s a travel/working trip. I have turned down a few flying trips last year due to work commitments. Maybe this time round it will be tougher to turn especially to a country that I don’t mind traveling to. So far, it’s an 80/20 likelihood I will accept the offer.

So how was your first two days of 2019? Let’s hope it’s a good start to an amazing year.



Lewis showed me his new gadget he bought from Singapore – Hypervolt. It’s a portable device that vibrates and helps to massage your muscles. It’s pretty heavy and it costs around 500ish. This might be ideal for those who works out a lot.


I managed to finally complete an hour recording of our Favourite Movies of 2018. My special guest this time is Del Goh. Do check out Progresif Radio next week for our Podcast recording. You’ll be surprised what’s my number one movie of 2018.


Ruby trying to remember how to set up the balls and she did it. A much improved player than she was weeks ago. You’re one fast learner, my friend. Safwan, beware!!!



A card game that I was getting to be familiar with – Monopoly Deal. However, Ruby is unbeatable in this one.


My first time trying out the cendol at M-Strike and one of the best sellers too.


We saw this mixer at Wise Generation outlet at Setia Kenangan II and it costs more than $15,000 if I’m not mistaken. A few nice kitchen ware here and tons of choices to look at. I’m definitely check this store out again for my cooking materials.


We had a pitstop at Potters too. They have discounts from 20% to 40% until 13th February. A few items also caught my eyes.


Ruby finally catching up on my blog entries and she was shocked with the statistics I shared about my social media usage per week.



Before midnight, we were preparing for a surprise for our birthday friend. It was 90% success.


Happy birthday, Pranika and I hope you enjoy the rest of the day!!!


Day 8. Social Media Purge. Happy New Year.

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It was such an anti-climatic to the beginning of the year. I slept at 6am and woke up a midday. Had my home made lunch and slept more for almost the entire afternoon. I was pretty damn exhausted, mentally. Best way was just to sleep it off and rest my mind. It was a good time to be with myself and rest my body and mind. Ironically, a good way to start the year.


This was the headlines in today’s paper for January 1st, 2019. I do hope a better growth this year can help to counter the rising unemployment rate which is a pressing issue to me.


I was browsing The Scoop and they had their Top 10 most read news of 2018. It happened to be this news of the passing of the legendary Pehin Lau.


I had my dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant at Kiulap. I highly recommended the Pho with Beef 😀


It was raining pretty heavy that night but only lasted two hours. It’s gonna be a wet week perhaps.


Resting time means either playing my Football Manager or catching things on Netflix.


I caught Annihilation and it was an interesting sci-fi movie with deep themes. I prefer this than Bird Box and it’s available on Netflix. Verdict: 8/10

Day 7. Social Media Purge.

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Nothing much to update on the final day on 2018. I was charing my joy con for Switch for the small gathering. I wanted to buy Just Dance 2019 for Switch but sadly, I didn’t have time to do so.

I had my final tennis session with my buddies. Minul didn’t show up because he thought it was raining since he was caught in the rain at Gadong. See you all in 2019 😀

Day 7. YEESSS, I survived for a week so far. There has been any drastic change in my habits or feelings. I did feel lighter than usual in terms of not bothering about social media. It’s such an anti-climatic day since it was the final day of 2018. This was the day I started to slow reflect what has happened in 2018 and having that rewind button on your head can take a toll on me. Furthermore, I couldn’t rely my flashbacks by going through my IG feed. Hence, I had to jog my memory on my highlights of 2018.

I didn’t do much on the Day 7 but more preparing on a small gathering at my place. A simple one and a pretty last minute one. So let’s go quickly on my top picks or highlights of 2018.

1) Maggi Purge Challenge. The first ever challenge that changed my personality, fighting one of my biggest addiction – instant noodles. It has been more than a year now and I don’t even crave for Maggi 😀
2) My Nepal Trip. At first, I was skeptical because I have never been to Nepal and loads of uncertain thoughts in my head. It turned out the other way. I truly love Nepal especially Thamel and Pokhara. There are still cities I have yet to explore. The best travel trip so far this year and I will make my plans to go again in 2020.
3) Cuckoo Trip to Seoul. This was early in March with a bunch of social media friends and the local media. I really had a great time, visiting the Cuckoo factories and also sight seeing in Busan and Seoul. I think it was kudos to the ground handlers and also Hui Ting for taking care of us and the awesome hospitality since Day 1. I hope for another trip again to Seoul.
4) Grabbing a podium finish in Toastmasters. It was the first time I received a Toastmasters trophy at Area Level. After competing numerous times over a span of 4 years, I inched my way to the top three for both International Speech and Table Topics. Let’s see what this year brings for me.
5) _ _ E. I have known this friend for a few years already but it was only this year, things started to gel and we simply had a lot in common and interests. I know it’s cliche but you’re a gift to this wonderful friendship and bond we have. It’s a great reminder that to not take things for granted or lightly. For more adventures and excitement in 2019. Thank you for being such an amazing friend.
6) Social Media Purge. Of course!!! This is maybe the best highlight of 2018 and the toughest challenge to date. To not access Whatsapp, Facebook and most of all, Instagram. A few weeks ago, this was just a thought in my head if I could pull this off. Today, it’s a reality and I am very proud that I can do without social media. I shall be back soon.

So these are my quick bits on my highlights of 2018. Let’s hope for a much prosperous year ahead and Happy New Year to all my friends, families and readers. You all have been super awesome and thank you for reading my updates.



One of my favourite board games and even the newcomers love Werewolf


So we played Werewolf, Telestration and Cards Against Humanity


Thanks guys for coming last Monday


We had a bit of karaoke for some entertainment on New Year’s Eve

Day 6. Social Media Purge.

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It has been a while since I visited Tati’s Kitchen at Jalan Babu Raja. My usual order would be the “Tumpi” with curry. However, the roti chef was on his off day. I ended up ordering roti kawin. Sometimes I will run out of ideas when it comes to having breakfast outside. Hence, Tati will be my default place since it’s nearby my home.

After watching More than Blue in Singapore two weeks ago, I was wondering if it will be showing in Brunei. Guess what? It was released Thursday and the cinemas have been packed even though it’s screened at a smaller screen. I caught this for the second time and this time my movie partner was Ruby. It’s one of her favourite movies of the year since she gave it a 9/10 rating. She was worried about her swollen eyes after watching it. Ironically enough, I didn’t weep as when I did on my first viewing. I gave this an 8.5/10 and on a side note, I have mixed feelings about the message of the movie.

After catching the movie, we went window shopping at ETA @ Cineplex and viewing Switch games. One that caught my eye is Civilization, a game I was hooked during my PC days in my teen years. It has a high score rating too. I’m locking my eye on this gem!!

One of my go-to-places for dining. Sawaddee. Totally love the Sambal Petai there. Recharging for dinner before we headed off to Jerudong Park Amphitheater for an event.

Ruby and Safwan were among the hundreds that came to catch Cuckoo Stardom Quest 3. Ruby was once a participant of the Stardom Quest ages ago and this time round, she was a spectator.


The two adorable kids were too excited when they saw the Pepsi advert because I was featured in it. They were simply on sugar rush and kept saying, “It’s you.. It’s you.” Sometimes it’s nice to have kid fans 😀

Bridget Ang was one of the favourites to win Cuckoo Stardom Quest 3 as she was the most experience one, after performing on stage on numerous occasions and she does have one of the powerful voices in Brunei. It was good to see her again on stage. She came in 2nd place. Congratulations 🙂

The best showmanship on that night. He invested a lot of effort and he drew the crowd from the start to finish. The judges seemed to have thought otherwise. We were pretty “shook”. Good job, anyway, Andie.

Sabrina was crowned the champion of the Cuckoo Stardom Quest 3. I have one question about the competition. The elimination process through a duet performance is pretty subjective and I don’t think it’s easy to judge one’s performance through a duet. Just my two cents.

This will be the last time I will be posting this. Because I accidentally click on Whatsapp and it reseted the notification counter. Boohoo!!!

I had a late night.. After catching an anti-climatic singing competition, we headed off to TK and Stuart, an Man Utd Fan, joined to catch the Manchester vs Bournemouth match. After Ole took over, the Red Devils have been on a roll with three wins in a row before the end of 2018. A feat that Jose wasn’t able to muster in this season. We are gonna miss your antics, Jose.

Day 5. Social Media Purge.

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Sending off Derby who will continue her final year in Vancouver after completing her first two years in Melbourne University. All the best, Derby xx

Having guys talk over Jollibee. Now will these boys be “tested” one day? (Inside joke)

Day 5. I’m actually getting used to this haha. I feel freer and lighter at least. Temptations to be curious gets lesser and we normally kill the curiousity through social media or gossips. True or not? I’m a sucker for new information as it has become part of my job to know what’s going on in our community. With the ongoing purge, I’m beginning to see the other side of the spectrum. Do I like it? Yes. Will I change my perspective? Maybe yes, maybe no. It’s still early days but it’s kinda a good to have this kind of awareness.

Have I been eating a lot and napping lately? Not as much as the first two days and I’m kinda blending in with my daily routines. I still have the habit to carry my phone in my hand though this time, I hardly check my phone because of the absence of notification. I still anticipate for SMS though. Ah, speaking of SMS, it’s so different from Whatsapp. People then to reply slower on SMS as compared to Whatsapp. I would say 70% of them are slow repliers LOL. I am yet to determine why they would take their sweet time to reply through SMS.

I’m now 7 days away from the end of my social media purge. I have friends who have been very encouraging on my journey and it’s kinda ironic that some of them can’t even live without IG and Whatsapp for a day. Well, there’s a way to go about this. What you can do is build your purge through having shorter hours to begin with. Say, start with 4 hours without playing with your phone (in your waking hours, of course) and build it from there. Perhaps, that could be another challenge I might just take within this one week – not to touch my phone for a day. Hmmmmmm… Scary but that’s a different ball game to deal with.

Enjoy the 5th Day updates of my Social Media Purge journey. Adios.



I told Reuben about the recent awful Robin Hood movie starring Taron Egerton and I told him that I preferred Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves when I watched it as a kid. Reuben was right that back then that Prince of Thieves is cheesy after I rewatched it on HBO yesterday. But yea, it’s still way better than Robin Hood (2018).

Did you know Guardian has 22 outlets in Brunei? The 22nd one opened at Annajat Complex. Image taken by Azrol Azmi of Borneo Bulletin.

Cooking is therapeutic indeed. I went grocery shopping and here’s the menu for yesterday’s lunch


…. And I ended up cooking Chicken Garlic Tomato Rice. I love it 😀

It was stated in the news that it’s gonna be rainy in the next few days. I was supposed to play tennis but it rained.

After a grueling 96 hours, a winner was crowned for Brunei Film Blitz. Wan Amiurl Azizan Hj Ibrahim, won for his short film, Yang Hilang Akan Berganti (What is lost will be replaced) and he won himself a two-year Diploma in Screen and Media scholarship sponsored by Progresif. Image by Wardi Wasil from The Scoop. Click image to read full details.

The Gala Night hosted by Brunei Film Blitz with the Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism. Image by Wardi Wasil from The Scoop.

Behind the scenes at a wedding recently. The waiters were prepping before dinner at Mulia Hotel.


Congratulations Valen and Cristal on your wedding celebration

A unique wedding as I witnessed a traditional gesture. The bride side has Murut ethnicity.

Always a pleasure to video Ruby on stage. My favourite number was Versace on the Floor. Awesome!! And good job to The Sequence for lifting up the warm audience.

I was nervous when Arsenal broke the duck early in the game but Liverpool came back stronger and gunned off Arsenal 5-1 with a rare Firmino hat-trick. Liverpool lead the table by 7 points.

Day 5 status so far. Not bad.

Day 4. Social Media Purge.

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Finally I got hold of the Stardom Quest 3 tickets that’s happening tomorrow night at Jerudong Amphitheater. I wonder who will be heading to catch this show. It’s the first time in a long time that it’s a paid gig. So it will be interesting to see how the attendance will be tomorrow. Thanks Cuckoo for the tickets 🙂

Catching up with Hui Ting and checking out their upcoming showroom which will be launched some time in January 2019. All the best and I look forward to your new showroom.

It has been a while since I had this. One of my favourite dishes in Brunei – Curry chicken at Teazone.


I headed next door to Joey Joey and got myself these biscuits. Pretty good and not too sweet. I would recommend this 😀

Ah, just in case, you are tempted to post on social media, do check out this article. Sometimes it’s better to stay discrete or do a late post whenever you travel.


Hello Zelia. I hope to see you this January and let’s hope we can work something out.

Yesterday was the submission of the 96 Hour Film Blitz where the participants have to come up with a short clip with “candas” as the secret ingredient. Today will be award ceremony.

One of the young participants of the 96 Hour Film Blitz. Taken from #bfb2018

Last night, we celebrated the birthdays of Patricia and Mac. It was a fun night and thanks for the invitation.

We had a long night, playing Werewolf game.


Don’t forget to check out the Late Night Sale at Bebeland and Mothercare from 9am to 12am Tonight and Tomorrow Night at Delima and Kiulap.

The status notification on Day 4. It’s that many as I thought it would be.

Day 3. Social Media Purge.

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I woke up early in the morning of Day 3 and headed off to give my blood sample of my routine health check. Let’s hope everything is fine and hopefully my cholesterol is lower than before.

Normally people say “Time flies fast”. Well, not for my case. Day 3 began and it was not as challenging as the first two days I must say. It still felt longer though and I have nine more days to go before I break the purge. Now, I did mention earlier that I was looking for distractions, positive ones, like reading or writing for a start. Well, I haven’t gone down that line just yet. Maybe in Day 5 or Day 6.

The temptations to play with my phone is still there. The most active apps I used are Football Manager, Words with Friends and some Zynga games and not forgetting SMS. I’m glad that I didn’t have the urge to check my IG and Whatsapp for that matter. I know it felt that I am missing out a lot of what’s going on in Brunei or those hot topics on group chats. Yea, aren’t we all addicted to those too? I will be lying if I should I’m not.

Sometimes I wonder if it will make a difference if I were to carry out the purge on a non-holiday season. I find it slightly less challenging at this period because most of us are in the holiday mood and not much work can’t be done anyway.

I bumped into a friend last night and she gave me some morale support on my #socialmediapurge (Thanks, Ida). She sees the benefit as we are all too caught up with social media and forgetting what’s in front of us. It’s good to see that this movement is raising awareness on how social media has impacted our daily lives.

Let’s see what Day 4 brings. Thank you once again for the support and encouragement.



This is truly a sad case and I hope the culprits will be dealt for. I am totally against animal cruelty.

Congratulations to Qurratu’aini Qayyimah for her solo expedition in the Himalayas. This is tough bucket list for me.

I have been catching news online and this was one of the headlines on the CNN app. With Brunei’s economic growth slightly down this year and with the recent oil plunge, year 2019 doesn’t look promising. Furthermore, there have been cries of unemployment here and there. There’s still hope indeed. It will be interesting how the upcoming LegCo in 2019.

How Day 3 looks like now on my social media folder


I had a short swim and did some laps. It was great to be in the pool again, relaxing and listening to music.

One thing I realised is that I don’t have to bring my power banks around as much because my phone life is quite healthy since I don’t use my social media which can take a lot of battery juice.

Pranika trying out the mochi from Japan. She loves the cinnamon ones. Yumm!!! We had Japanese dinner before heading off for a movie.

We took away some milk tea from Liho. It’s getting popular after its soft opening and I love the drinks too. My fav to go is the Avocado ones because they use real avocados and not the powder version.

People say “finder’s keeper”. I saw a dollar note on the toilet floor. I picked up and just left it by the basin. If it was a 1,000 note, will it be a different story? Hmmmm


I caught the Indonesian horror movie last night. My overall take – horrible. Why? Many reasons – the lead actress was really bad on screen. All the whiny laughs and her two-dimensional acting. Just terrible. Secondly the plot was just meh. Some scenes were really silly and illogical. The only redeeming factor are the home workers who brought comic relief on screen. The scares were also subdued. Verdict: 4/10 Pranika 3/10.

To detox after watching the totally crappy horror movie, I went on online and caught Upgrade movie which was released back in August. Wow, wow, wow!! I was totally impressed and if you thought Venom was cool, this is way cooler and I love the plot (original). It was humorous too for a much violent movie. This could be one of my honourable mentions for Top 10 movies of 2018. Verdict: 8.5/10

Mothercare, Bebeland Late Night Sale (28-30 Dec)

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As the year comes to an end, Mothercare and Bebeland will run a 3-day only Late Night Sale starting tomorrow, 28th December until 30 December from 9pm to 12 midnight.

Additional benefits and discounts will be given to the public throughout the sale period.

At Mothercare, the best deals on 12 products with the most number of online fan votes will be highlighted.

Bebeland will offer bargain deals on departments of toys, stationery, fashion, furnishing, and sports.

While Mothercare will offer special discount on display sets and additional mark down on fashion, home and travel, etc.

The sale will be held at Mothercare Kiulap and its other branch at Delima; while Bebeland at its Kiulap and Delima stores as well.



Day 2. Social Media Purge.

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So this is the status notification right now after Day 2. A friend of mine is currently on a 3-day social media purge but subconsciously entered her IG app and realized quickly. I would have done the same if the app is still conveniently appearing on the main page. I switched off all notifications and shifted all my social media app to a specific folder. It does help 😀

Thanks Joanne for the email. It was my first email from a friend after she found out about my social media purge. Sometimes it’s great to receive a personal email. I wonder if any of you even do send snail mails to a friend or family.

I hardly catch the NBA on Astro but it was Lakers (LeBron) vs Golden States (Curry). It was a good win for Lakers but at a cost as LeBron was forced out of the game in the third quarter. Oh yea, I either tune in to sports or movies or news channel on my Astro.

Did you know I always read the papers every single morning? It’s been my habit for decades now. I was reading upon this article yesterday and suddenly I remembered this tragic accident which was back in 2011.

Ah, the dangers of social media. I don’t even know what’s going in the social media world for now and ironically I have to read on the papers to find out what’s happening in the social media scene.


I am big fan of this game (Words with Friends) and my friend Shazali has been edging me on a few rounds :p At least something to keep my mind busy during this detox period and challenge my brain cells.

Yes, thank you, The Mall Cineplex, for making this movie possible. The box office Taiwanese movie – More Than Blue will be screened starting today and I have caught it in Singapore last week and I highly recommend it. Definitely catching this again.

This happened to be on HBO and I had to go through this ordeal and wonder what was going through Michael Bay’s mind when he directed all the Transformers movies. They were all pretty bad except for the first movie. I am so glad that Hasbro has taken a new step by rebooting the franchise and came up with a spectacular Bumblebee movie.

Some of my afternoons are taken by tennis sessions. Yesterday was a good quick session. By the way, Kevin Lau joked that he couldn’t reach me on the phone and SMS and hinted that I should get back on Whatsapp and Instagram LOL. He even created a stipulation that if I lost to Minul that I should come back to Whatsapp and IG.

I had the privilege to be part of Jason Rumpun’s The Bleacher Seat where we talked about the English Premier League and the Fantasy Premier League too. It was nice to see Abu (left) whom I haven’t not seen for ages. He was on a high mood because of Manchester United’s revival under new manager Ole.


I caught Aquaman for the second time. RC thought the movie was epic, only to be flawed by some layers of cheesiness :p She gave it a 7/10

Thank you, RC and Auntie C, for the souvenirs. Can’t wait to try authentic mochi from Japan 😀

I finished my night watching Box Day Premier League and happy to see Liverpool chalking another victory and now lead the League by 6 points. Many questioned of Van Dijk’s signing last season which costed Liverpool 75 million pounds and now they would understand why Liverpool only leaked 7 goals so far in the past 19 games. Amazing!!

The E200 experience

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Check out the E-Class models at Jati Transport

Experimenting the Mercedes-Benz E200 with the auto pilot parallel parking and it was a success. Without playing with the gear and the brakes. Such a useful feature especially when you don’t have the confidence to do parallel parking within a limited time.

Previously I have driven the Mercedes-Benz E300 and then recently I had the privilege to drive the E200 which has an updated feature in the system. Both are equally good rides and E200 has lesser power of course but a more affordable ride than the E300.

The E200 is simply a nice ride. Elegant, I must say and as always, smooth like butter. I have preference of driving the C-Class because it suits my personality. Now I can see how the E-Class has evolved in terms of its vehicle design. It has a more modern and edgy look compared to the previous E-Class design. It also looks sporty feel to it.

I also love the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive especially the fully automated parking. You simply just have to press the button while looking for a parking space – be it parallel or reverse parking – and just trust the E200 to be on auto pilot to park the vehicle on its designated spot. This means you don’t really even have to change gears (forward or reverse) or press on the brakes. Just let the E200 do the parking for you. It’s scary at first but the E200 is intelligent enough to detect its surroundings and park to almost perfection.

The interior has a great finish and again, an uplift, modern look for both the driver and passenger. It’s quite spacious as well which is a plus point for me.

Features are great such as the moonlighting and also the E200 has an already enabled Mercedes-Benz apps at your disposal. You can be fully connected to the system when you connect it to Wifi. I even tried surfing my blog on the display panel and it works fine. It’s just the tediousness to type the url on the address bar as there is no proper keyboard.

Once you are connected to the internet, you can also asked for navigation and maybe most of you will prefer to use the Internet Radio which is already pre-installed as part of the Mercedes-Benz apps.

There’s many to like about the E200 and it’s available for test drive too. You can contact Jati Transport or visit their showroom Autohaus at Beribi. If you ask me, the E200 would be my second preference after the C-Class (the C43 mmmmmm).



Love the moonlighting of the interior of the E200

Yes, you can even surf the net on the E200

There’s the Internet Radio once you are connected to the internet

Two days of driving the E200. I’m hungry for more.

Do drop by the showroom and check out the E-Class and also other models.

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